Bedroom Additions & Master Suite Additions Plans with Costs


Bedroom Ideas and Master Suite Addition Plans

Master suite and bedroom additions


One of the most popular room additions nationwide are bedroom and master suite additions. These valuable home extensions are popular because when families grow, they need more space to relax and sleep.


We designed several bedroom and master suite plans to give you an idea of how much these projects costs. Another benefit to browsing our plans is that you can visually see what type of furniture will fit into these new bedrooms.


All of our home plans for room additions are designed with furniture to help you visualize how your furniture will fit. Once you click on a plan below, visit the "view interior photo" link to see the awesome 3D room design. Also the "zoom into layout" link will bring you to the blueprint view of the bedroom additions. 



The Cost of Building an Extra Bedroom Addition

Typical Attic Bedroom $47,000

Typical Master Suite Addition $102,000

Upscale Master Suite Addition $220,000


Typical bedroom costs data was pulled from Remodeling Magazine 2013 Cost Vs Value Report which provides national averages. We provide detailed project information for all of our bedroom addition plans as well as fully estimated building costs. Be sure to look at all of our room addition plans, because bedrooms and other room additions don't vary much in terms of features and construction difficulty. As an example, a family room addition will have the square footage of a bedroom but it will most likely not include a closet. Adding a typical closet to any home addition project is very cheap labor and material wise. Some builders might even throw in the cost of a cheap interior door for free. If you have any questions, please post them using the Google + link at the top of the page.



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No matter what contractor you call, make sure that you read our "Headache Free Plan to Building a Home Extension" before your estimate appointment.





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