Bedroom Additions & Master Suite Additions Plans with Costs

These are the most popular room additions nationwide. In my days of being an active builder, we specialized in building home extensions. A surprising 75% of the phone calls that came into our office, were homeowners interested in adding on a bedroom. 


Getting Acquainted with Bedroom & Master Suite Plans

Master suite and bedroom additions

Typically a bedroom design is just a square box with a closet, while a master suite also includes an attached bathroom somewhere in the floor plan. On this page you can browse several of the most popular master suite designs, as well as more simple bedroom plans too.


Common Sense Furnished Bedroom Designs

Typically my customers had specific ideas on the actual size of the bedroom they wanted to build, but to help them and the millions of people online choose a proper bedroom size, I use 3D architectural room designs outfitted with actual bedroom furniture, like the ones linked below. Trust me, thousands of people make the mistake every year of either going too big or too small during their home renovation, just ask any building inspector.  



Bedroom Addition Plans and A Whole Lot More

Each of my home addition designs include detailed blueprint views, as well as beautiful 3D virtual renderings that include items like actual bedroom furniture to establish scale. But what's the point of looking at home additions without knowing what the actual cost to build will be? Luckily, I wouldn't torture you like that, included with all my home plans are real world construction costs.  

Typically I use queen beds in my renderings and standard nightstand sizes, these should help you visualize how your furniture will fit. If you have a question, contact me on my Proven Helper Facebook Page.


Typical Construction Costs for Building an Extra Bedroom

Typical Attic Bedroom $47,000

Typical Master Suite Addition $102,000

Upscale Master Suite Addition $220,000

Typical bedroom costs data was pulled from Remodeling Magazine Cost Vs Value Report which provides national averages.


Food For Thought

Since bedroom's are nothing more than rectangles with four walls, you could explore other home addition plans on this site that are very similar. Case in point Family Room Plans and my Blank Slate Kitchen Extension Plans can give you a few more price and square footage choices to consider. The only real difference between these and the official bedroom plans is the option of a closet, but honestly those are really inexpensive to build unless you go all out and get a fancy closet system installed as well.



Getting A Real Bedroom Addition Quote

 Since I built plenty of additions in my life, I can tell you from experience that sooner or later you're going to need to get a real life estimate. Every house and property and town hall for that matter has certain factors that a ballpark estimate won't be able to account for. Sometimes things like setback limits from your property lines can completely change where you build your addition. We once had to change a rear addition into a second story because the town would not grant permission to build out towards the back yard. 


Do yourself a huge favor and fill out this form to get the names of a few pro's in your local area. There's no obligation and it's completely free. But once you finally have a few real contractors price out your new bedroom, you'll know exactly how much money to save or get a loan approval for. Good luck!  

Want a No Obligation Estimate?

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