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Welcome, I’m a retired builder with an award winning reputation that you can verify!

I created this site to dish out my extensive knowledge in the home remodeling industry. I’m widely known for my award-winning website content. My guides on how to hire & manage contractors and my home addition plans have won numerous awards from the Better Business Bureau, the State Attorney General, and the Department of Consumer Protections.


What Makes This Site So Special?

You get real knowledge from an actual builder. 90% of the websites competing with are owned by major corporations who hire freelance writers without any home remodeling experience. Their content is good enough to fool search engines, but not good enough to help you with your remodeling projects in a meaningful way.


I provide tips based on my personal experiences. My articles and tools are so revolutionary online, that none of my competition holds any meaningful awards for helping consumers. It’s not that I’m some genius, it’s the simple fact that my website competes with inexperienced writers who never held a hammer in their life. Tell me how can a writer educate you on the complexities of building a second story addition, if they never even stepped foot onto a jobsite, let alone built an addition with their bare hands like I did?


Lex SelfMade LifeThat’s me, my name is Voitek Lex Klimczyk, and most people just call me Lex. I take pride in what I do, and I hope you enjoy this site!


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The Life of A Homeowner Simplified

When you have accurate information straight from the source, it doesn't matter if you are planning to remodel, build, or simply maintain a home. A pros' knowledge is all you'll ever need to get things done right the 1st time. In construction I visited plenty of homeowners who paid a tuition fee to a shady contractor who gave them a deal. Everyone wants to save money, but I personally seen too many people pay for their project twice because the first time, their cheapo contractor screwed up royally


3 Things This Site Can Really Help You With

1. Remodeling Project Research

When you have set your mind on a project, the next step is to do proper research. My customers who were prepared the most had the best experience. Yes I've had customers who were shocked that we have to tare off the roof on their ranch home in order to build a second story addition. I created this site to help people understand what to expect before, during, and after their project is completed. I also shared a lot of industry secrets which some contractors didn't like, but ultimately I knew it would educate consumers and therefore help proper contractors in the long run.


All these efforts didn't go unnoticed, that's why this site has won many Consumer Education Awards from the Better Business Bureau and the former State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (now state senator).


2. Getting Project Building Costs 

It is easy to contact a contractor to get a quote, but how do you know if the quote you received is honest or accurate? The old rule is to contact 3 licensed and insured contractors and have them quote the same exact project. I can tell you from experience that some contractors raise their price simply because of the zip code you live in. Comparing estimates is tough because even professional contractors have variables like company overhead costs to factor in. On my site I provide tons of real-world cost estimates for home additions, garages and modular homes. Use my project prices to get a ballpark estimate to compare against.


3. Steps to Hiring a Good Contractor

If you really want to protect yourself in hiring a contractor, ask a general contractor for advice if you know one in your area. I am a retired general contractor, so you can consider me the authority on hiring remodeling contractors. Here's the advice I freely hand out to all my friends and neighbors. There is no magic rule to picking a good contractor; BUT, there are several steps I take every-time before I hire my next contractor.


1. Make sure they have a valid home improvement license and that their insurance is current. Trust what they say, but always verify before you sign any contracts.

2. Find a reputable place to choose your contractor from. On my site I provide a contractor finder tool

3. Don't forget that contractors are just people, and even the best of them can have their bad weeks, months, or even years. That's why no matter who you call, make sure you check recent references by calling their customers. Preferably you want to speak with clients who had a similar project done. The reason being is that a contractor may be very good in building additions, but horrible in remodeling kitchens. When you talk to them, ask about the entire experience.

4. Lastly, do yourself a solid and read my how-to hire a contractor guides. It's the least you can do to protect your hard earned money and it will provide you with useful tips I didn't mention here. 



Start your research, get the costs and hire a great contractor today!

Did you ever wonder how a general contractor is able to control costs, guide several contractors and maintain project schedules? It comes down to contractor management, and large project management experience, not just good contractors and luck.


Simply Additions started out by pounding nails into two-by-fours in it's research and development stage.The mission soon became to change how the world does residential construction, it needed to be simpler. It's a recipe born from a problem solving background and the problems most people complained about with residential construction projects such as home additions, custom homes, and various remodeling projects.


Homeowners will always have a need to add this or tweak that at their property, but we felt that it shouldn't be so complicated to get something done the right way, without having to invest hours and hours of research. Over the years our systems kept growing and customers of our R&D stage expressed their gratitude all the time.


Now, this site is a virtual encyclopedia of how to do complex to simple projects, without having to take courses in construction management in order to not be cheated or disappointed with the end result. Use our site once from start to finish and you will use us for the rest of your life because we'll make whatever you are working on that much simpler. Also you will get to see us add great upcoming features that will make your life even easier, because you have other things to do instead of worrying about old problems that we have already solved for you.


Food for thought:Simply is created by well known award winning contractors to help homeowners navigate through their projects with ease, Think of us as your Construction GPS, we will get you wherever you need to go when it comes to construction of any kind.



This site gives you the knowledge only a general contractor has, and they know how to save and get things done!

Don't just ask for an estimate! Get our Home Addition Guide to bulletproof all of your estimates and make your contractors think that you have personal experience as a general contractor. This simple step can save you from a lot of headaches and "change orders", which is a contractors term for project overages.



How to Use This Site

We provide How-to DIY Guides & Plans on: Home Additions, Modular Homes, Modular Additions, and Remodeling Projects and Remodeling Calculators.

Example: Let's say you are interested in building a two car garage.


online home plans


Step 1: Select a project type from the main menu: example Home Additions

Step 2: Click on Garage Plans 

Step 2: Now select a Garage Plan to view estimated costs and specifications.

Step 3: Find a Well Known Professional Contractor 

Step 4: Read our award winning "Contractor Pro Hiring Guides".

Step 5: Use our Home Addition Building Guide to simplify & bulletproof your project.

These 5 simple steps will help you learn about the details involved with building your particular project. They will allow you to determine a realistic budget, plan out the details, and hire the right contractor, while keeping them on a short leash. We help you gain total control over any project, project schedule, and contract terms.


Bottom Line: Unless you are already a general contractor and you already know these hidden trade secrets, we are your ticket to remodeling success!


A general contractor gets things done cheap, on-time, and within budget. These are things that almost no homeowner by themselves can accomplish without our proven system. Our site is free and our website has won many Consumer Education awards from the Better Business Bureau and a special citation for Consumer Education from the former State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, now state senator. Heck even the Commissioner of The Department of Consumer Protections had to write in to express his delight in You can verify all this yourself by visiting our Awards Page.


There's no other home improvement website on this planet that can say that, not even HGTV. That's because most successful home improvement websites are owned by corporations, not hard working honest people with real world remodeling experiences like the owner of So what you read on this website is 100% fact based on real world experiences, real numbers, and real solutions. 

We're famous for offering the most online plans and ideas for Home Additions, but we also have plans and prices on Basement Remodeling, Attic Remodeling, Garage Builds, Custom Homes (stick built or Modular Homes) and Remodeling Calculators for Replacement Windows, Flooring, Siding, & Roofing!


Home Addition Plans with Estimated Addition Building Costs

We already have the most home addition plans online and they as you know include estimated construction costs, which is a big time saver for busy people like you! But the plans and ideas we have today, is only a fraction of the amount of house extension plans to come in the near future.


Factoid: The Better Business Bureau gave us our first Excellence in Consumer Education Award because our room addition plans include real world addition building costs, which helps many homeowners weed out dishonest contractors on a national and sometimes international scale.


Our Most Popular Room Addition Plans Are:Bedroom Additions, Second Story Additions, Two Story Home Extensions, Garage Renovations, In-law Apartments and Decks.


Need Help With A Custom House Extension? Send us an email about your addition project and we'll help you get on the right track. Sometimes we will even architecturally design a house extension based on your request for FREE!


That's literally a $2,500 value and we are the only ones we have ever heard of doing this! Maybe now, you might want to like become our fan? 



Online Home Plans, Modular Homes & Building Costs

Modular Addition PlansSometimes you can remodel your existing home into a dream home, and sometimes, it's just much easier to design and build your dream home.


Today you have the option of using the traditional "stick build" home building method or the new and improved modular home building option. Both methods have their pros and cons, and we would like to mention of few of those here.


In the past a modular home could be spotted from a mile away because it was boxy and unattractive. Today you can build a mansion of practically any size using modular home building technology. With great advances in technology, modular home factories can now compete with traditional home designs and often exceed the build quality of most stick build applications.


With today's great modular home plans , you can build a great looking modular home. Modular home factories are building homes to standards that a conventional home builder cannot compete with. Part of that is due to the 20% in additional lumber used per structure to allow for safe transportation. And the other part of the picture is that these modular homes are built in quality controlled assembly lines. Did you know that you can get your modular home delivered with floor tile installed already? You can also buy your own flooring wholesale and have it installed once the modular home is at your site.


If you are in the market for a new construction home, you should look at our 18 modular home plans  that include estimated construction costs. Plus you will be surprised at the level of detail we provide in our free floor plans. A great combination is to pair your new modular home with a home security alarm system .


Another Building Breakthrough Modular Additions

In some areas of the country you will be able to find a modular home factory that can build modular additions.


Modular additions are simply room additions that are built in a factory controlled environment, delivered to your home, and blended to your house with minimal disturbance to you. Modular addition building takes 1/3 of the construction  time to complete.


The most popular modular addition is a second story addition. Imagine converting a single story home into a two story home, in less than one month! Contact a professional here and ask them if modular is an option in your area


Our Basement Remodeling Section Has Floor Plans and Remodeling Costs

Have you already capitalized on the additional square footage that can be renovated into just about any type of living space in your basement?

Finishing a basement is a wise idea for homeowners looking to keep their home and for homeowners who are going to be selling their home. A properly finished basement can add great value to your house instantly. And of course an outdated or unfinished basement can do the exact opposite. Check out our basement remodeling packages to explore ideas of what can be done with yours.


Kitchen Extensions - A Growing Need Across America

Most new homes have a proper kitchen, meaning that there is plenty of cabinet space, counter-space, and the features  people truly crave, and we are not talking about cookie jars flush with goodies.  Nope, we are talking about dream kitchen ideas that can help you plan your remodeling project a little bit better.


Most people love open kitchens that have enough space to host a small gathering of people, who stop by for a dinner party or a holiday get- together. Older homes generally have small cramped kitchens, and these homes in general put kitchen remodeling contractors on the map. Explore some of our kitchen extension plans and ideas, before you make the call to a contractor; after all, looking at kitchen extension plans can only help you make a better decision in the long run.


Second Story Additions Convert Single Story Homes to Spacious Dreams

It's amazing what a transformation can take place during a 2nd story addition project. In the past we built and documented several second story additions. Today we provide free second story addition plans that include estimated construction costs, 3D interior and exterior photo realistic renderings,  done on our state of the art design computers.

It's important to know that some towns have restrictions that could prevent second story additions being built in your neighborhood, especially if two story homes don't exist on your street yet. Print out our second story addition plans and bring them to your local building department to find out if your project is possible, before you devote yourself completely to this type of house addition. And remember that we have How-to articles written on Zoning Variances for people who run into a snags at their town hall building department. Protection Status for   2004 - 2017 All Rights Reserved Proven Helper, LLC ©

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