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How to Install Amplifier and Subwoofer to Factory Car Radio | Start to Finish Tutorial

How to Install Amplifier and Subwoofer to Factory Car Radio

Sometimes factory car audio just doesn't cut it. I daily a 2006 Lexus GS300 all wheel-drive that I bought back in 2006. I love the car but the factory 10" subwoofer just didn't deliver that amount of bass I was looking for.

So I figured out how to install an amplifier and subwoofer to my factory Lexus headunit. It's a lot easier to install an amp and subwoofer into a car that has an aftermarket radio, because factory radios require additinal work. This video will show you step by step instructions on how to connect car audio equipment to your factory car stereo and get it to pump bass or louder music.

You can follow this tutorial to add a subwoofer for low frequency bass or you can add a 4 channel amplifier to run full range speakers like 6 x 9's. 

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