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Turn To OCD Shopping Lists By Proven Helper


When you want to buy the best products, gadgets, and tools, your best bet is to find a family member or friend with OCD and a passion for doing product research. Guess what, call me uncle Lex, because I spend countless hours researching, comparing, and reading customer reviews for any worthwhile purchase.


These days you have competitors posting unethical reviews against their competition. Gone are the days of perfect 5 star reviews. I’ve noticed this growing trend 5 years ago, and it’s only getting worse. The truth is out there, as long as you’re willing to spend countless hours reading through what customers are writing and noting the similarities. But if you're anything like me, you're pressed for time. That's where I can help you, because I spend so much time researching different products every year, I figured out how to turn my outrageous OCD shopping into a business, and created a WIN / WIN scenario for both of us.  Google pays me for outstanding content and you benefit from my countless hours of research. Enjoy!

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