The Best Leaf Blower Buying Guide According To Homeowners

Leaf Blower Sweeper Vacuum Buying Guide


Welcome to what is most likely The Best Leaf Blower Buying Guide In The World!

To make this buying guide I spent more than 51 hours researching and creating a spreadsheet for comparing leaf blowers, sweepers, and mulching vacuums from multiple stores. I pulled data I found necessary to make a proper buying decision from  Lowes, Amazon, Home Depot, & Sears websites. 


Finding The Best Leaf Blower Demystified

According to customer reviews, the following 7 Specifications  are the most valuable for comparing different types of leaf blowers against each other.

Price: Everyone has their budget. I used the lowest selling price found in my comparison charts below.

Reviews: Typically the more reviews the better, but remember that expensive items typically generate less reviews.

Rating: Shows an average rating from 0 to 5, with 5 being perfect. This is based on the total amount of reviews submitted. 

MPH: Is the speed of the air coming out of the device through what I call the blowers mouth.

CFM: Is the airflow coming out. Think of this as the size of a mouth the tool has to blow with.

Weight: This is important if you have to hold the tool for a while and you have constant or occasional back problems like many people do.

Decibels: The loudness of tool measured at full power. A Jet take-off is 100 decibels, a garbage disposal is 80.


This Guide Is Divided Into Logical Sections  


Blower Types - Which One Fits Your Needs The Best?

Blower Type Weight & Handling Max Yard Pros Cons Cost
Corded Electric 8 lbs, Easy  .5 Acre Light Weight, Strong Cord Limitations $30 - $100
Cordless Electric 6 lbs, Easy  .5 Acre + Portable, Light, Strong Battery life, Some are weak $60 -$340
Gas Handheld 8 lbs, Easy  1 Acre + Strong Performance Loud, Gas Smell $80 - $230
Gas Backpack 22 lbs, Easiest  1 Acre + Professional Grade Pricey, Gas Smell $180 - $480
Gas Wheeled 95 lbs, Clumsy  1 Acre + Quick Sweep Large Area Hard to Maneuver, Expensive $350 - $800


Picking The Right Leaf Blower For Your Needs

Every blower has it's pros and cons. It's best to figure out how much your willing to spend and what comforts you're really looking for first. Also in my case, I had to factor in my wife's opinion because last year I spent a pretty penny on lawn toys.

I have a .5 acre yard and a lot of trees all around, so the job is not that big, yet it's not that small either. I also use my riding lawn mower with the bagger attached to suck up the leaves I can get to. It does a decent job picking up the leaves, but a leaf blower can help me get into all the nook and crannies of my yard, around my bushes, deck, trees, etc. I also like to use a leaf blower to blowout the dust from my computer, clean out my garage, and even help dry a car I just washed. 

I originally wanted to buy a gas powered backpack blower, because what red blooded man wouldn't love to own one of those babies. My wife on the other hand doesn't want me to spend $300, because I convinced her last year that a $1,400 riding lawn mower could do the majority of the fall leaf cleanup (check out my lawn tractor buying guide). So, don't put yourself into a pickle like I did!

Since last years yard toy ruined my chances of getting the backpack blower this year, I created this amazing buying guide to help myself and every other person in need of finding the right leaf blower compare all the brands and models available.

Decrypting Features and Specifications - What Does It All Mean?


Leaf Blowing Speed

When it comes to analyzing leaf blowers for performance the most important specs are the MPH and CFM numbers. CFM or MPH measurement units are both used to indicate the speed at which the air exits the tube. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute which references the total volume of air that moves, while the MPH measurement we're all familiar with, indicates the miles per hour of the air that exists the tube. The higher the ratings, the better the blower will be at removing wet leaves, heavier debris, and leaves and twigs that are embedded in your grass.


2 Real World Performance Characteristics That Blow

To accurately measure real world performance you need to find out how well the home improvement tool performs sweeping as well as loosening.

Sweeping Performance refers to exactly what it sounds like, experts and consumers chime in at how well you can air sweep your lawn, sidewalk, or driveway using a chore busting blower.

Loosening Performance can actually tell you if the blower will be powerful enough to loosen wet leaves, twigs, and other debris, that an under-powered blower would just not be able to do. 



If you live in a PUD (planned unit development) or a community that frowns on loud noises, you may want to consult with them first before you consider buying any blower. Some communities in California prohibit the use of any blowers, while many communities have restrictions based on times of use, with the most common improper times being between 9pm and 8am.  Generally speaking the more heavy duty the equipment, the more noise it will produce, and also the better it will work.  

So What Makes a Good Neighbor Approved Blower? Depending on dBA (aka decibels measures sound levels), blowers under 80 dBA will be considered friendly towards other neighbors. If sound is an issue, look for blowers with a low decibel number and consult the Noise Pollution Clearing House for more information on local noise laws.Every blower in this guide features decibel numbers under full load unless this information could not be found.


Gas Engine Differences

Gas powered tools generally have more power and features, but they also require a little bit of maintenance depending on the tool. When it comes to blowing your leaves away, there are 2 different engine types out there. 

2 Cycle Engine: The 2 Cycle Gas Engines are a great choice for most people because they are quieter, lighter, and less expensive than their brotherin. However, all 2 Cycle engines require a gasoline & oil mixture instead of pure gasoline. Please do yourself a major favor and simply read the owner's manual for your blower to avoid gumming up your carburetors, which happens to be the most common problem for people who wrote bad reviews on the internet for these blower types.

4 Cycle Engine: A 4 Cycle Engine will give you all the capability of a gas powered tool without having to burden you with mixing oil with your gasoline. What's the trade off? Usually a heavier device that costs more.



9 Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

Brand Model Price Rating Reviews Type  MPH  CFM Decibels Weight
Husqvarna 150BT $299 4.7 683 back 251 710 72 22
Echo PB-500H $299 4.4 256 back 195 465 70 22.9
Husqvarna 350BT $320 4.6 486 back 180 692 104 22.5
Husqvarna 125B $150 4.3 845 hand 170  470 70 7.5
Ryobi RY08420 $199 4.3 74 back 185 510 74 18
Hitachi RB24EAP $129 4.5 1227 hand 170 441 107 8.6
$169 4.1 30 hand 191 354 64 8.8
Powermate P-WB-163150 $349 3.9 72 walk 150 1200 76 94.8
Weed Eater FB25 $76 3.8 130 hand 170 290 70 8.1

Gas powered blowers come in 3 varieties: 

1. Handheld models are the most popular and fairly loud. Gas blowers of this type range from medium duty all the way down to professional grade.

2. High powered backpack models are very powerful, easy on the back, and loud. Every contractor and red blooded American wants one!

3. The walk behind models look like you strapped a floor fan to a hand truck. But we're not talking about a Laskow floor fan, were talking about a hurricane maker here, because these are very powerful. 






12 Corded Electric Leaf Blowers & Sweepers

Brand Model Price Rating Reviews MPH  CFM Type Decibels Weight
Weed Eater WEB160 $26 4.7 301 160 240 blower 65 4.5
Toro 51619


4.6 1695 250 410 blower 68 8.5
Troy-Bilt TB180B Recall Injury Hazard
$33 4.6 166 150 180 blower 66 9.4
Toro 51585 $34 4.6 495 160 155 blower 63 5.5
Black & Decker LH5000 Discontinued
$77 4.5 113 240 385 blower 69 8.1
Black & Decker BV5600 $69 4.4 477 250 400 blower-vac 68 8.1
Toro 51609 $70 4.3 645 235 390 blower-vac 67 9.4
Worx TriVac WG505 Discontinued $80 4.2 142 120 350 blower-vac 50 12.3
Worx TriVac WG509 $88 4.5 174 210 350 blower-vac 50 12.1
Worx TriVac WG500
$89 3.8 821 210 350 blower 70 8.4
Homelite UT42120 Discontinued Fire Hazard $30 3.8 130 220 350 blower 65 6.4
Stihl BGE 61 Blower $109 4.4 11 148 394 blower 64 6.8

 These are handheld corded blower models. They typically have a lot of blowing power, the only negative is that you have to drag a cord with you.



24 Cordless Blowers and Leaf Mulching Vacuums

Model Price Rating  Reviews  MPH  CFM Battery Type Decibels Weight
OREGON BL300-A6 $299 4.9 25 132 507 40 volt Li-ion blower 65 8.9
DEWALT DCBL790H1 $339 4.7 65 120 400 40 volt Li-ion blower 65 15.7
GreenWorks GBL80300 $249 4.6 125 125 500 80 volt Li-ion blower 60 8.9
Ryobi RY40402A $80 4.6 184 155 300 40 volt Li-ion blower 67 9.1
DEWALT DCBL720P1 $199 4.5 66 90 400 20 volt Li-ion blower 61 7.1
Ryobi RY40411 $149 4.5 285 155 300 40 volt Li-ion blower 67 8.9
Milwaukee 0884-20 M18 $79 4.5 70 160 100 18 volt Li-ion blower ? 3.6
Worx WG575.1 $129 4.4 383 120 80 32 volt Li-ion blower 61 4
Ryobi RY40401A $60 4.4 241 150 150 40 volt Li-ion blower 65 7
Makita DUB182 $210 4.4 60 179 91 18 volt Li-ion blower 83 3.9
WORX WG545.1 $96 4.4 998* 120 80 20 volt Li-ion blower 61 3.5
Toro 51702 Cordless $120 4.2 379 120 150 24 volt Li-ion blower ? 4.1
Black & Decker LSW20 $66 4.2 1,118 120 120 20 volt Li-ion sweeper 66 6
Black & Decker LSW36 $121 4.2 703 120 90 40 volt Li-ion sweeper 66 6.8
GreenWorks 24322 $215 4.1 313 185 340 40 volt Li-ion blower-vac ? 5.6
Ryobi P2105 $50 4.1 848 120 120 18 volt Li-ion blower 67 3.8
Black & Decker NSW18 $59 4 684 120 90 18 Volt Ni-Cad *! sweeper 65 4.8
Black & Decker LSWV36 $143 3.9 491 120 90 40 volt Li-ion blower-vac 65 6.9
Kobalt KHB 300-06 $149 3.8 158 140 250 40 volt Li-ion blower n/a 6.9
GreenWorks 24252 G-MAX $129 3.9 424 150 135 40 volt Li-ion sweeper 62 8
Earthwise CB20018 $65 3.7 275 130 206 18 Volt Ni-Cad *! blower 80 4.8
GreenWorks 24352 $94 3.6 28 130 85 24 volt Li-ion sweeper ? 5.7
Ryobi P2102 $90 3.4 384 120 120 18 volt Li-ion blower 65 4
Ryobi P2170 *H $99 3.3 222 150 200 18 volt Li-ion blower 65 5

*    = Most Reviews found on Home Depot website but a better deal or faster shipping found on linked site.

*D = Discontinued and removed from sellers website.

*H - Cordless & Corded Hybrid power tool.

*!   = This power tool uses a Ni-Cad battery also known as nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride, which is larger, heavier, and prone to self-discharge. A Lithium-ion battery is the exact opposite, smaller, lighter, and holds a charge for extended periods of time without loss.  Want to know more? Lowes has a great explanation of cordless tool batteries. 


These are all cordless blowers I found all over the internet from Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot, & Sears websites.I personally recommend that you buy a lithium-ion powered tool because they provide full power till the very last minute. They also are the most powerful, last the longest on a charge, and can deliver gas powered or corded electric performance if the voltage and CFM numbers are on the larger side of the scale.


For example take a look at the GreenWorks GBL80300 with the 80 volt Li-ion battery. This beast can belt out 500 impressive CFM's for 70 minutes on a full charge! Something that strong is good enough for contractors, let alone us homeowners. 


I sorted the cordless blowers by average customer rating from the site that had the largest amount of reviews on each specific blower. Also keep in mind that the price below is the lowest price you can find online and at your local stores. If you click the model link, a new browser window will open to show you the site where I found the lowest price and most customer reviews. I would click the link of each blower that you want to investigate  further.  By the way, this buying guide is constantly being updated with new information and of course corrections, because God knows we all make mistakes once in a while, and I'm no different. 



BTW, Thank You!

If this is the only leaf blower buying guide you read, you're in very good and capable hands. I enjoy making my guides the best available, simply because  I know people will 'Like' and 'Share' what they find useful with others. Seeing the growing number of 'shares' and 'likes' of this page lets me know that people are finding this guide very useful.  Thanks for letting me know!







Looking at Leaf Blower Reviews for Pros and Cons

Get to know what the ownership experience can be like for the blowers below before you buy anything that can blow your expectations out of the water or just blow. Take a virtual test drive by reading my handpicked brutally honest comments that I pulled from all the major retailer sites. I did this because I always like to look at the good and the negative comments for every product I buy. I believe by doing this, I'm getting a true picture of what the ownership, quality, and reliability of the product is. 

Husqvarna 150BT Backpack Blower Customer Reviews

  SPEED MPH :  251       CFM: 710         Blower Type:  Gas-powered Backpack

  Engine Size: 50cc       Engine Type: 2 cycle  Weight: 22lbs



4.7 Average

Noise Level in Decibels:   72 dBA

Good Neighbor Approved:  yes

Sweeping Performance:  excellent

Loosening Performance:  excellent

Vacuuming Performance:  n/a

Warranty Term:  2 Years

Trigger Lock Cruise Control

Consumer Reports listed as a Recommended Buy Product

Air Purge for Easy Starting

Speed Control

Husqvarna 50BT Professional Gas Backpack Blower

Regular Price

$299 @ Lowes

Compare Sale Price on

Amazon for  Husqvarna 150BT



What Reviewers Said About This Model (individual comments separated by commas)


The Good 'Pros'

Starts easy, easy to use, lightweight on your back, removes embedded leaf & pine needles from grass quickly,  unbelievable power, quiet, 5x better than old comparable model, cleanable foam filter instead of replacement paper filter,  strongest blower ever owned,  made cleaning leaves fun!, no more aching back from holding handheld, quieter than expected, removes embedded leaf & pine needles from grass quickly. 


The Bad 'Cons'

very important to follow proper use of fuel for easy starting and ultimate reliability, use light lubricant during assembly of the hose sections, assembly instructions are not the best, carburetor gunked up from last year and wouldn't start.



Final Analysis

After reading through all the reviews I give you my final analysis on this Husqvarna 150BT bad boy Blower.

If you are looking for a powerful workhorse, you have found it right here. Sure the $300 price tag may seem steep, but you are paying for a professional grade blower that will make any type of yard cleanup job nice and easy, plus it will also be easy on your back.

Some people mentioned in the reviews I read that assembling the product was a bit difficult and they had to resort to a little bit of lubrication on the hose section to get the job done. Aside from that, there were a few complaints here and there, but you will always have those, no matter what the product is. This model features a foam filter which can be cleaned instead of replaced and many like that option as well. When it comes to gas powered 2 cycle engines, you MUST follow the instructions to the T about how to handle the fuel. Failing to do so, will result in problems, which is what most of the bad reviews were about. It really seems that people who have had problems were a bit too lazy or busy tread the instructions, and I think we all been there at one point. If you buy this magnificent beast, just read the instructions and you'll be the envy of the neighborhood. The build quality of this machine is excellent and sis the performance. The bottom line on this model is that you will be loving every minute spent with this blower for at least 15 years, so go ahead and pull the trigger if you like it!



Husqvarna 125B Handheld Blower Customer Reviews

  SPEED MPH  170       CFM: 470         Blower Type:  Gas-powered Backpack

  Engine Size: 28cc       Engine Type: 2 cycle  Weight: 9.4 lbs



4.3 Average

Noise Level in Decibels:  70 dBA 

Good Neighbor Approved:  yes

Sweeping Performance:  excellent

Loosening Performance:  excellent

Vacuuming Performance:  n/a

Warranty Term:  2 Years

Consumer Reports picked this as a Best Buy Product (CR top honor)

Fan housing engineered to reduce wrist fatigue

Variable speed throttle with cruise control

In-line blowing tube design

Low price with excellent performance & reliability!

Husqvarna 125B Heavy Duty Gas Blower

Regular Price

$159 @ Lowes

Compare Sale Price on

$149.95 Amazon Husqvarna 125B  with Free Shipping



What Reviewers Said About This Model (individual comments separated by commas)


The Good 'Pros'

good and dependable, lightweight, good mid level blower for residential use, Easy setup right out of the box, Excellent quality & easy to use, can clear paved areas just at idle, Very nice blower, Starts every time without an issue, Love the speed control setting,


The Bad 'Cons'

defect in the fuel line design, fuel system mine quit functioning after several HOURS, easy fix for the fuel intake line inside the gas tank needed to be pushed back into the gas tank so that it was well below the fuel level when the tank was filled, I tried to start and blower was leaking gasoline. Repair shop found a split fuel line



Final Analysis

Well what we have here is a very awesome gas-powered blower with tons of happy owners, but Huston, "We do have a problem". On several websites that sell this model, I found many negative reviews talking about a problem with fuel lines. One reviewer took the blower apart and performed an easy fix which consists of pushing the fuel line lower into the gas tank. So if you are in need of a great blower, knowing that you may have to make a slight adjustment to it, this is the blower for you. It's priced really well and Consumer Reports gave it a Best Buy product rating, which is their highest honor. Just don't forget you might have to mess with the fuel lines at some point, but other than that, this is a nice machine to make yard cleanup fun and easy. 



Troy-Bilt TB180B Corded Electric Blower Customer Reviews

  SPEED MPH  150       CFM: 180         Blower Type:  Corded Electric

  Engine Size: 7.5Amp       Engine Type: Electric  Weight: 5.5 lbs



4.6 Average

Noise Level in Decibels:  66 dBA

Good Neighbor Approved:  yes

Sweeping Performance:  good

Loosening Performance:  average

Vacuuming Performance:  n/a

Warranty Term:  2 Years

Consumer Reports: This model was 3rd to the worst of electric blowers

Great for hard surfaces like driveways, garage floors, sidewalks

Super lightweight design

Fairly quiet from a distance which neighbors will like

Subpar moving leaves and debris quickly

Troy-Bilt TB180B Sweeper Corded Electric Blower

Regular Price

$32.98 @ Lowes

Compare to the

$26.99 Weed Eater WEB150 on Amazon with Free Shipping



What Reviewers Said About This Model (individual comments separated by commas)


The Good 'Pros'

good for garage cleaning,  item was smaller than expected, the only flaw is how easily it comes unplugged while using it. This blower is surprisingly powerful. Very good for the price, High quality, Being an older person I find it easy to use for clearing the leaves, This has to be the best purchase I've made! It has lots of power and I have no issue blowing all the leaves fast and easy,Lot of bang for the buck


The Bad 'Cons'

everyone laughed when I brought it home, no power, not powerful


Final Analysis

Well I have to say that when I found this blower online I didn't think much of it because of its tiny price tag, but turns out there's more positive reviews on this one than anything else. Sure you might look like you're bringing a toothpick to a knife fight but as long as you got the cord, this blower/sweeper will make your yard chores go by quicker than you can say, "Honey can you plug the blower back in!". Just kidding folks, I use an electric blower all the time, heck I even made a video of me using it to clean the inside of my PC. The fact is that this little electric blower will probably not disappoint you, unless you're trying to clear up something over an acre with lots of trees and bushes along the way that could become a nightmare for your electrical cord.

Toro 51609 Electric Blower/Vacuum Customer Reviews

  SPEED MPH  235       CFM: 390         Blower Type:  Corded Electric

  Engine Size: 12Amp       Engine Type: Electric  Weight: 7.5 lbs



4.3 Average

Noise Level in Decibels:  67 dBA

Good Neighbor Approved:  yes

Sweeping Performance:  Excellent

Loosening Performance:  Very Good

Vacuuming Performance:  yes (uses metal impeller for improved durability)

Warranty Term:  2 Years

Consumer Reports: Voted Best Electric Blower "CR Best Buy"

Variable speed motor allows for better control in tight spaces

Quick-Release Latch allows you to convert from blower to vacuum in seconds

Comes with a rugged metal impeller 

3 machines in 1: Powerful blower, high speed vacuum, and leaf shredder

Reduce leaf piles from 16 bags into 1 bag using the vacuum

Toro 51609 12 amp electric leaf blower/vacuum

Regular Price

$69.97 @ Home Depot

Compare to

Toro 51609 @ Amazon for $69.97  With Free Shipping



What Reviewers Said About This Model (individual comments separated by commas)

The Good 'Pros'

This thing blows like a Hurricane! The vacuum was terrific in getting the leaves off the rock without sucking up the smaller river rock, Makes fall cleaning a lot less of painful, Fantastic machine! I am so happy with this product! Fall leaves are now a little easier thanks to this little machine. Mulches Well, Does the job I want it to do, So Far So Good.


The Bad 'Cons'

vacuum functionality is really slow, i did not like this product at all, blower died in less than 8 weeks, The vibration level is unacceptable: Using it for just a few minutes leaves my hands tingling. Not thrilled that unit's parts are built to break, there is no way to lock the electrical cord into place: it continues to become unplugged.

Final Analysis

Here's another interesting electric blower / vacuum. Consumer Reports thinks this thing is the best electric blower out there and many people who reviewed this product would agree with them easily. Pouring through the reviews I found people who were a little disappointed with the build quality of the unit, but I don't think you could go wrong if you're looking for something that does it all, and it has a metal impeller to provide you with many trouble free years of lawn ornament mulching. 


Powermate Cyclone Model # P-WB-163150 Walk-Behind Blower Customer Reviews

  SPEED MPH  150       CFM: 1200         Blower Type:  Gas Walk-Behind

  Engine Size: 163cc       Engine Type: 4 stroke, single cylinder OHV     Weight: 94.8 lbs



3.9 Average

Noise Level in Decibels:  76 dBA

Good Neighbor Approved:  yes

Sweeping Performance:  Excellent

Loosening Performance:  Very Good

Vacuuming Performance:  No

Warranty Term:  2 Years

Consumer Reports: Voted  "CR Best Buy" Highly Recommended

Easy to handle and control

Handles leaves and other debris rather quickly

Fan is balanced to prevent vibrations

Perfect for large driveways and parking lots

Powermate Cyclone P-WB-163150-E Blower

Regular Price

$349 @ Home Depot

How About Something

Green & Innovative

Agri-Fab Lawn Sweeper for $147.24 on Amazon +Free Shipping
Agri Fab Lawn Sweeper



What Reviewers Said About This Model (individual comments separated by commas)

The Good 'Pros'

This does do the job. Much easier than a carry blower or raking, Powerful, Sturdy, moves leaves well, I was impressed with the amount of time I saved compared to my echo backpack blower, The front wheel is free spinning like a grocery cart, I love this thing!!!  This walk behind leaf blower makes my chore soooo much easier and faster. The assembly was simple -- just attach the handle with 2 wing nuts.The Cyclone is pretty much awesome. It has great blowing powe The product works fantastic! Started first pull.  Definitely a lot easier on the body than hand blowing and raking and also more thorough. Cuts time in half

The Bad 'Cons'

It would be great if they had used pneumatic tires and 4 rather than 3 wheel, needs better wheels quirky traction and steering, pull start cord broke in half in one years time, Gas/Oil Leak, LEAKED GAS OUT ALL OVER. 

Top 10 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower
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Lawn Mower? 
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Check out the best self-propelled lawn mower buying guide.




Final Analysis

At first I didn't see the appeal in these big bulky walk-behind leaf blowers until I read a bunch of really good reviews that spoke right to me. I have back problems that I'm recovering from, so a handheld blower for me and the 31 million Americans who also have back problems might find handheld blowers to be a poor choice for them.

Now I love the Husqvarna gas-powered blowers in this guide, but if the darn thing makes my back hurt, then I could surely see me avoiding the chore until my lawn looks messier than a Kardashians love life.

However I was really leaning heavily towards the backpack blowers (More of these will be added to the list this week), but the customer reviews on this Powermate Cyclone gave me a lot more confidence in this technology instead, especially when it comes to clearing loads of leaves quickly. This walking tornado will save anyone a lot of time from doing those yard chores we all love so very little, by using a massive 1200 CFM Cyclone to perform a parting of the leaves in our yards as if it were a religious ceremony of sorts; well not really, but this thing blows far and wide!

On another note, there were a fair amount of complaints regarding fuel problems. Overall this blower got a 3.9 star rating, so you know it's got to be pretty darn reliable to begin with. Maybe the bad reviews came from people who abused it or didn't read the instructions, and it's also possible that maybe there are problems that the manufacturer needs to fix. 




Voitek Lex KlimczykIs it the best buying guide in the world for blowers? I think so, but I'd love to hear your comments, criticisms and suggestions. Post them on  my Facebook fan page. Protection Status for   2004 - 2022 All Rights Reserved Proven Helper, LLC ©

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