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As a general contractor I developed my own award-winning system for finding, hiring and managing contractors & builders. It’s one of the qualities I’m proud of that made this site famous.

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Find Remodeling Contractors Near Me


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Other Websites Charge Monthly Fees for The Same Information, And Some Of Them Are Run By Lawyers, Not Experienced Builders & Remodeling Contractors!


We simply don't. We do receive a small commission for each referral, just like every other website, but there's absolutely no obligation for you to choose any of the remodeling contractors or builders, if you are not happy with them for ANY REASON!   

Other websites are just websites, we have a background in home remodeling and also specializing in home addition building. We used this knowledge to build one of the best websites for helping homeowners with their home remodeling questions.

Back in the day we were so confident in ourselves I actually wrote several articles / how-to guides that walk you through everything I would do as a homeowner when I want to hire a remodeling contractor. These articles have won several Better Business Bureau Awards for Excellence in Business Consumer Education! 


Bottom Line: The information on our site is authentic, the big multi-million dollar sites that rhyme with "flangy List' for example are built just to milk consumers, Their articles are written by freelance writers who know NOTHING about the remodeling industry. Flangy's List (wink wink) was created by a lawyer, not someone who can guide you realistically through your remodeling project. 


Everyone in this industry makes money from lead sales, it's your choice who get's your referral, a multi-million dollar conglomerate who has remodeling contractors and builders pay into their system for better rankings, or contractor owned websites that offer you contractor choices they would personally look through and later call and interview the contractors.


Best Wishes,

Voitek Lex Klimczyk (Creator/Owner of




If for any reason you don't like how we find remodeling contractors, simply visit our Contractor Hiring Tips section to research the job history of any contractor of your choosing and use our general contractor hiring tactics to get the most out of your estimate appointment with them.


Learn how to get any contractor to put the proper amount of detail in your building contract. These Tips Can Save You A Fortune!

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