My Life In A Nutshell: Voitek Lex Klimczyk

Shy Catholic computer geek asks parents to send him to public schools to be with his neighborhood friends. Public school introduces him (me) to the towns' local daredevils; trouble ensues immediately!

Before long my genius IQ intervenes and I completely change my life path by utilizing my power for good instead of evil. Friend tells me about Microsoft teaching at a local college, I signup and became a certified computer geek using Microsoft's Computer Engineer Program to land me jobs at fortune 500 companies like Siemens and Pfizer, doing computer systems engineering as a consultant.

Nine years into the IT game, life hits me with the awareness that my success in Information Technology would be financially limited at the same time a 5 year relationship with my high school sweetheart ends with an ugly breakup. One depressing night complaining to God creates a life changing epiphany the very next day.

Driving to work on route 9 to Pfizer's Datacenter looks noticeably different for the first time in 2 years, the sky is vividly blue and the landscape is in Ultra High Definition (like Snoop Doggs song). That same night I read the NY Times Bestseller "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", and decided to open up a construction company using the same business entity I just purchased to flip houses; Divinity Realty, LLC.

I soon partner up with a good friend (I highly recommend that you never do this) and modified the name to Divinity Realty Creations, due to my highly spiritual state of mind form the life changing epiphany, where God basically answered my prayers. I'm forced to learn all aspects of building, conquer my fear of heights during crazy roofing jobs, and learn all the various disciplines of construction work to build my new business. After a few home addition projects under our belt, we formed Simply Additions, LLC., to specialize in building home additions.

Business was going well and growing rapidly. In a 13 month window, me and my business partner plus our office manger (my sister) completed 1 million dollars in jobs sold. Partner is stressed from personal problems and forgoes our proven system of producing design presentations for each home addition quote. Sales collapse, debt from carrying costs soar, and business partner decided to throw in the towel. My health goes down the drain, I do everything possible to save the business, but ultimately the business would have killed me. I'm forced to ruin my outstanding credit history by going bankrupt to settle my business debt, which was carried on my personal credit cards, that I've used only for business transactions. I lose even more money during the bankruptcy because of my cars, and I'm forced to cough up another 10k to complete the process. During this time I had to move into the first floor of my parent's house and started a web publishing business in February of 2010.

During that same time I also stopped putting my life on hold for my business and finally pursued my dream of finding my soul mate. I met my amazing wife Kawshi on, told her everything good and bad about me, and soon we got married.


The web publishing business starts taking off, Google invites me to several conferences, I go make friends with Google employees and web publishers and learn more straight from the head honchos in the web publishing industry. Soon Google calls me to be in several of their commercials on the Adsense YouTube Channel.

 "I agreed to be in the commercials,  and share how Google indirectly saved my life by giving me the ability to earn a living doing something I truly love from home."


Now I have finally recovered from the calamity of losing a business that I've poured my heart and soul into, and we (Kawshi and I) are now actively looking for our first house in northern Pennsylvania because it's close to family, and it has those beautiful mountain views that I enjoyed so much during a Google Conference near Malibu California.


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Wishing All the Best That Life Has to Offer to all my Friends and Family in the Digital and Real World,
Voitek Lex Klimczyk

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