What is a Dream Board?


It’s come to our attention that many people have started to use our home addition and modular home plans on their dream boards.


What is a Dream Board?

A visualization tool used to help people focus on an object they are working to manifest into reality.

Dream Board - Vision Board ExampleDream Boards or Vision Boards were popularized by the famous movie “The Secret”. Basically a dream board is used as a visual aid to help you focus your intentions on the things you want in life. 

Many famous authors on books of success and prosperity mention the importance of visualizing your desires. We agree with the experts that it can’t get any simpler then to stare at what you are working towards every day.


Do Dream Boards work?

A Dream Board for those who use it does work, it is a nice compliment to whatever practice you are using to achieve your goals right now. If you research the lives of some of the most successful people that ever lived, you will come to some very suprising conclusions, but ultimately you will establish as a fact that the power of intention and thought has been proven.


Here are some uses of our content that can help you with your personal Dream Board

  • Print out the PDF of the Home Addition or Modular Home Package that you desire.
  • Print out the photo’s from our website that resembles what you intend to achieve with your home.
  • Write a testimonial about the project you intend to complete as if you were done with it already.


Other LOA techniques that you can use

  • Visualize a Simply Additions truck in your driveway.
  • Visualize your testimonial for your project on our testimonials page.
  • If your handy with photo editing software like Photoshop, you can crop pictures from this website and design your own custom dream board.

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