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Google interviewed me for their Adsense commercial the year I went purely into doing business online.

Hi, I'm Voitek (I go by ProvenHelper online), I ran an award winning construction company which specialized in designing, planning, and building home additions. 

In 2010 I retired from building due to the slow economy, and began my dream career working from home making award winning how-to guides and home improvement tools online.

Being in the business for as long as I was, allowed me to learn all the ins and outs of residential construction. Now I use this knowledge to help homeowners all over the world with their remodeling projects.

You can ask me anything you want below, and if I like your question, I'll post it on this Award Winning Website, so that others with the same questions can benefit from it.  

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My phone # is below, but please only call with project emergencies, as I don't have the time to answer 100 phone calls per day.

I generally answer emails within 1 business day.

Best Wishes,

Voitek Lex Klimczyk

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