Tips on Planning Bathroom Improvements

Bathroom remodeling is an excellent way that you can add extra value to your house, and make this most used room more comfortable.

Many homeowners use contractors for making improvements to their bathroom, but you can do some of the work yourself, if you have the proper skills.

Where do you begin, to plan and implement bathroom improvements?

The first thing you need is a plan or a design to work from. You won't know what to order, or how much material to order, until you have a plan down on paper or computer, so you know what you're looking for. Do your planning up-front so that you won't purchase too many materials, or the wrong materials for the room you want.

Planning bathroom improvementsIf you get caught up in your bathroom's cosmetic features, remember to look at the potential problems that could crop up. You don't want to be halfway done and then find out that you need more money to fix something you didn't know you'd need to worry about, while doing your bathroom remodeling.

Inspect your bathroom carefully. Do you like your fixtures, or would you prefer new ones? Are they energy efficient? Check the room over from all angles, watching for water stains and leaks, mold and deterioration. Check out moisture problems now so that you can correct them when you do your bathroom improvements.

Do you like the way your bathroom is laid out now? Think about all the people who use the room, and keep in mind any changes in that number that may come about in the future. Plan for extra storage, because no one ever seems to have enough. Be sure that your plans for your storage system will meet your needs.   

Draw up a realistic budget for the project ahead of you. Bathroom improvements may be complicated, so don't be afraid to use a contractor for anything you can't do yourself. After you draw up a plan and a budget, consider where most of your money will be spent. Electrical work and plumbing will demand a more or less fixed price, but you can choose from a wide array of fixtures, at many different costs.

New shower heads and toilets may save a lot on water usage, which helps to justify their initial cost.

Low flow units can cost more up front, but they'll save money every time you use them. Good contractors can help you point out where it's easiest to save money and how to get the most for your money.

Even if you feel like it's splurging, the money spent on a new shower or bathtub may be the best money spent in a bathroom remodeling project. It can make your bathroom a whole new room for you, and show you the difference between a good budget for bathroom improvements and spending too much on lesser-needed items. Make your new bathroom the one that you have always wanted, within reason, and you'll know that the money was well-spent, in improving your home. 
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