Living Room Design Ideas for Hire

Get a Virtual Room Design Picture for Remodels, Furniture Placement, & Decorating Ideas

I had the pleasure of owning an award winning design build company specializing in home additions for many years. Since that time, I began dabbling with the architectural software and personally designed most of the home plans, home addition plans, and room designs seen throughout the website that made the site famous.

What Room Can I Design For You?

As an experienced home designer I can help translate your design ideas or napkin sketches into visually beautiful 3D renderings.

Convert existing design on Simply Additions to your specifications

Create a virtual rendering of a room

Create a virtual rendering of proposed remodeling changes to a room

Create 3D rendering of furniture arrangement

Use my skills to help you explore room decorating ideas, interior design changes, remodeled floor plans and much more. If you can describe it, I can most likely design it for you using my professional architectural software.

Room Design Cost by Room Size

Small Rooms  (At or less than 10' x 10' or 100 square feet)

Medium Rooms  (At or less than 14' x 14' or 196 square feet)

Large Rooms  (At or less than 20' x 20' or 400 square feet)

Custom = Contact Me First by sending detailed description


Living Room Designs

Whether you have a small living room and questions about furniture placement, or you have some living room ideas to explore, let me design services help you make the right choices for your living space.

small Living Room design = $50  Includes 5 objects of furniture or fixtures

medium Living Room design = $75 Includes 7 objects of furniture or fixtures

large Living Room design = $100 Includes 9 objects of furniture or fixtures


Includes 5 pieces of furniture/fixtures maximum

Includes custom wall color, choice of flooring, trim color

You must provide furniture LxWXHXD or stock sizes will be used

You must provide all wall & trim colors

You must provide flooring type example (wood, tile, concrete, etc)

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