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When our construction division was in business, it really was one of the best remodeling companies you could hire in Connecticut. I'm not just saying that because our customers thought so, I'm saying that because we did everything possible for our customer, so that the only thing they had to worry about was flipping the hefty bill that their gigantic home addition project commanded.


We got contracted to supersize this charming farmhouse in Portland Connecticut. Our customer was always out of the state on business, but he knew what he wanted the end result to be. We came up with several different architectural revisions to his ideas and before we knew it, we were knee deep in dirt as our excavator contractor "Tony" ripped through the ancient soil to expose the ground where the new full basement was going.


So What Exactly Did The Homeowners of This Farmhouse Want in An Addition?

There was a large laundry list of wants and must haves for this project. From adding a master suite addition, which of course included a spacious and contemporary master bath, to creating a new living room complete with a gas fireplace and a giant LED TV, a breakfast nook bumped out from the face of the house, and of course a proper dining room, and a 3 car garage with an unfinished bonus room up top.


"The additions we built would transform that gorgeous piece of land on the Connecticut River into a gorgeous house on the Connecticut River."


The property is surely one of my favorites from the time I spent visiting jobsites all over the lovely state of CT. I say that because I could just imagine how lovely a family barbeque or friendly get together could be on that tranquil piece of land with great scenic views of the river.


The couple had several young kids and an 1800's home with lousy storage options. Whenever you build an addition onto an older home, you will be faced with floor leveling challenges. This old homes, just don't sit nice and level you know. Most of the older homes we touched and when I say older, I'm talking about over 150 years old. Anyway, most of those older homes were sitting crooked in one way or another. I remember just walking across the floor and feeling the unevenness of the actual floor boards.


What I recommend for older homes in need of extra space is building on enough living quarters so that later you can move completely into the addition, while you have the ancient part of the house, completely rebuilt if it's tired and dilapidated.


The farmhouse actually used to operate as the Town Taverne in Portland, CT, I was told by the original owner of the house, who actually lived next door to my customers house. Now you must be saying to yourself, how strange it is that the original owner of this farmhouse bought the house next door, and I agree with you but now I'm going to solve your little brain riddle and let you know that the original owners happen to also be the parents of the owner of the farmhouse.


So you know that the possible reasons for this gigantic farmhouse addition was probably space for the growing family. Heck this little piece of land on the Connecticut River is nothing short of amazing! Not only does it have breath taking views of the river, but it also has an equestrian area, where you can relax on horseback, pretending that each stride of your thoroughbred is bringing you one step closer to your dreams. Oops, sorry folks, I almost forgot for which website I was writing for. You have to excuse my natural tendency to talk about achieving ones dreams.


Achieving Dreams At Least Those One That Involve a House

There's not much written on the internet about how to achieve buying, building, or remodeling a home into your Dream Home. Sure there's flimsy flakey theories, that maybe a little to newage-y to catch your attention. But there also does exist a plan that known masters of goal achievement would perform to increase their potential of achieving the goal of owning a dream house in the near future.


My favorite goal achieving studies were done over a 40 year period by a bright fellow who was studying journalism. That bright fellow went by Mr. Napoleon Hill.


Over The Hill Napoleon

If you are anything like me, you enjoy having a little edge in your ability to achieve goals. I like to increase my chances of achieving my goals quickly by practicing the same rituals famous men, politicians, and presidents used. These rituals were the main topic of study to that fine fellow Mr. Napoleon Hill. I've studied many of NPH's books, and I too have achieved reaching success with the application of the rituals I've learned.


Here It Goes, Dream House Achievement Tips

If you want to increase your own chances of achieving the house of your dreams, follow this proven little guide I use, and study how it makes wonderful impacts to your life. If you take this study the full monty, you will most likely dedicate your life to mastering your mind and therefore life, like I and many, many others have undertaken the challenge.


The family decided to add a dining room with a bump-out, living room, master bedroom, master bathroom, and a 3 car garage with an unfinished bonus room above.

Their lovely farmhouse is situated on the Connecticut River in Portland CT, and it has been there for a very, very long time.




Ahh, yet another incredibly useful home addition.

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Project Cost: $244,639.00

Duration: 4 months

New Square Footage: 3,600


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