Sunrooms - Irresistable Entertaining

Sunrooms are in high demand for many reasons. People love having a room that is not only comfortable, offers lots of natural light, but also brings the indoor and outdoor features of your home together.

Your budget will decide what type of options you may have for your sunroom. There are basically to main types.

Stick Built Sunroom

This is a custom sunroom (home addition) usually built on a solid foundation and includes standard 2" x 4" or 6" framing, energy efficient windows, and all the common finishing options that you would expect from any type of custom home addition. These sunrooms can also be custom designed to fit your home style and budget. Generally stick built sunrooms are more costly than kits.

Sunroom Kits

Although these kits have improved much over the years, they are generally pre-designed, over very little customization options. And have been known to be hot and uncomfortable during the summer months.

 sunroom addition

 Luxurious Custom Sunroom Addition

You have to weigh all your options when you consider a sunroom addition. On our website we have several pre-designed stick built sunroom options for you to look at from our home addition menu above.

Ultimately your budget and your taste will dictate which option suits your home best. Always be sure however to get several quotes from contractors and sunroom kit contractors to weigh all of your options properly. Protection Status for   2004 - 2022 All Rights Reserved Proven Helper, LLC ©

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