Exploring The Benefits of Using Solar Panels

You can make your carbon footprint smaller and save money at the same time by outfitting your home for solar energy.

Whether you are looking at solar thermal or photovoltaic, you'll find it to be an excellent resource to use in your home.

If you install photovoltaic tiles on your roof, you can use power that is "off the grid" of your local power company.

This is done by using the rays of the sun and converting them into energy. Since electric prices are rising so rapidly, photovoltaic electricity will help keep your future electric bills lower.

Is solar energy right for you?

Most homes will reap the benefits of going solar, with some type of solar power. If you can get past worries about the aesthetics of solar panels on your roof, you'll find that using the sun to heat or cool your home and run your appliances is very earth-friendly, and a sound financial decision.

benefits of going solarCheck the layout of your home, to see if solar will be a good fit. You will need to be sure that your solar panels collect the maximum amount of sunlight on any given day. If you have a lot of land, you can do a solar unit mount that is not on the roof. The main things you need are:

  •   solar panels facing South
  •   proper panel angle
  •   eliminating shade near the panels

As far as orientation goes, you need to make sure you have the room to install panels that face South, to collect the most sunlight. If your roof doesn't face South, select the pitched side that is the closest to true South. If you have a flat roof, you can face the panels in any direction. Make sure that your flat roof can support the weight of the panels, before you begin any installation.

As far as the angle of your solar panels, you should build your solar panel array with the same angle that your roof has. The ideal tilt in most United States areas, in an area without shade, is roughly forty degrees. If you have shade in the area, you can drop to a lower tilt, like thirty degrees, to avoid any obstructions from blocking your array in the wintertime.

Each solar system should be built in a custom way, with the best orientation and tilt for your home, to obtain the greatest benefits of going solar. If all other factors are equal, it's best to use the same tilt as your roof, if it is a pitched roof. This will reduce the wind's influence and make the system more aesthetically pleasing.

As far as obstacles that block the sun, this usually comes in the form of trees, but may also be the work of taller buildings in your area. You can keep a shady lot, as long as the trees will not block the sun between 9AM and 3PM. Some trees may need to be trimmed back, but if others aren't high enough to block the sun during those crucial hours, you can leave your shaded lot pretty much as is.

Solar energy is worth the time spent looking into it as a feasible plan for your home. Don't rule out solar energy offhand. Look into the power output and find out how much solar can affect your utility usage. Gather information and work with your installer, to be sure that solar energy is a good fit for you.

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