Making Your Home Healthy

Keeping a Healthy Home

Making your home healthier and greener is a top priority on every home owners list these days. It doesn't have to be expensive either. A few minor changes can improve the health of your home drastically. And don't forget that a healthier home equals a healthier you and a healthier family.

1. Control dust in your house.

Dust can pose more problems then most people really know about. Sure it can look ugly when it's just resting on your furniture, but it can also hold chemicals, allergens, and toxins. Rule of thumb is to give your home a good old vacuuming twice per week. We are used to the once a week schedule at our house, but we use the little dirt devil to get any exposed dust balls that catch our eye.

2. Stop smoking in your home.

Smoking can do a number on your house, it can clog your air-filter in your HVAC system, it can leave sticky yellow residue on top of surfaces.

When my parents used to smoke, our 1980's white kitchen cabinets turned yellow and there was a ton of sticky residue on top of them. The fact is, that second hand smoke can trigger asthma in children and smoking is an expensive habit these days anyway. Give it some really good thought. I quit smoking because I hated the way it would make my clothes stink, I also didn't enjoy the morning phlegm. I quit cold turkey, and didn't think twice.

3. Is that lead paint or radon in your basement?

Who knows? Well an expert does know and it's up to you to call one and have these items inspected. Newer homes should be safe from lead paint, but radon is that colorless and orderless gas that can make people ill and possible kill them. Buy a good radon detector and maybe hire a home inspector to do a once over your home, for your piece of mind.


Healthy home tips4. It that water filtered?

When I was a kid the water that ran from the pipes in our New Britain home was amazing. Somewhere along the way the water started to change in taste, and then one day we just plainly didn't want to drink our water without a filter anymore. It's really too bad what happened to us and I'm sure to countless towns across the US. One thing is for sure and that is pure water is the best thing we can put in our body. So, go down to your local Walmart or home depot and buy yoursel1f a water filtering system. There are many to choose from. There is even a whole house water filtering system! Just imagine taking showers or bathing in pure water again. Bring a little piece of heaven back into your life, by filtering your water.

5. Becoming aware of chemical dependence!

No I'm not talking about drugs, but that is another subject that can be talked about. We are talking about the dozens of chemicals we have sitting around our house at all times. Some of these we cannot live without and some, we can do much better. Instead of Windex, you can try using a solution of white vinegar and water to get streak-less performance from your window cleaning days. Baking soda can also help you clean your tub a bit better than some of these harmful smelling bathroom cleaning products. There are also many new green products at the market that can help you replace your harmful chemical agents to something more greener and less harmful to you and our planet. The point is that we no longer have to rely on harmful chemicals as the only way to get things done.

6. Eating Healthy and Staying Active!

This is the most important item on this entire list. Because if you eat like a starving weight lifter at Arbys everyday, you won't have to worry about keeping your house clean, because you probably won't be living that long. Okay, maybe I went a little overboard there, sorry. My point is that we all should aim to eat healthy and have some type of daily physical activity. I personally like walking, because I can load up my iPhone with audio books and pound the pavement around my house, while I learn something new. If you have never tried and audio book walking session, please do.

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