Save On Heating Costs With Solar Hot Water

Home heating costs seem to keep rising every year and Americans are looking for alternative options such as Solar Hot Water to lower their bills.

One of the largest expenses for a homeowner is the cost of heating water and their home.

Statistics state that heating costs account for approximately 40% of our annual bills, and it makes no difference if you are a renter or a homeowner.

Add to the fact that crude oil keeps fluctuating and rising, people across the nation are finding it harder than ever to manage their bills.

Solar Water Heating is the most cost-effective and affordable solution to lower heating costs. On average people save around 75% from the first month of installation. Now, isn't that something worth looking into?

solar panel for hot waterA Solar Hot Water System is a water heater that is linked to your existing water heater to offset some of its load. Solar Hot Water Collectors preheat your water by being exposed to the sun, this means that your conventional water heater, whether it is powered by natural gas, propane, or oil, does not have to work as hard anymore. The technology is relatively simple and people are installing these systems more often now, because of all the bragging their neighbors or friends do once they have installed theirs and saw their first heating bill.

The big question is how much does Solar Hot Water Systems Cost?

Most systems are purchased for under $4,000; most people recoup the costs of their Solar Hot Water System within a 2-year period. This new heating option will eventually become a standard option in new construction, if enough people adopt this technology in their home.

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