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You're a man or a woman on the go. You want a great looking lawn without fighting your lawn mower every step of the way to get it to look right. The last thing you have time for is raking up clumps of grass because the mower just doesn't cut the mustard and by mustard we're talking about the green stuff. You want to trim that lawn into a green masterpiece for your neighbors to gawk at and you want to do it on your terms, at your speed, and at your price. Welcome to the 2014 Best Lawn Mower Buying Guide. On here you won't find marketing jargon, BS, or glorified spec's meant to confuse you and slow you down. What you see is what you get; "The Simplest Guide to Finding The Best Lawn Mower". 


Lawn Mower Types

1. Gas Powered Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

2. Gas Powered Push Lawn Mowers

3. Electric Cord Type Lawn Mowers

4. Electric Battery Powered Lawn Mowers

5. Manual Push Reel Lawn Mowers

We have all makes and models in this list, just choose your power source and scroll to find your machine, then click the model name to see the current price on Amazon. They offer free shipping on most of them. 


Gas Powered Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers



Type Price Rating


Gas $$$$ 4.5

Husgvarna 961430095 Self-Propelled Mower

Gas $$$ 3.7

Husqvarna 961430096 HU550FH Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Gas $$$$ 3.5

Snapper-SP70 675ex Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Gas $$$ 2.3
Toro 20371 Self-Propelled Lawn Mower


Gas $$$ 3.7
Need more model #'s or details?  Visit The Top 10 Self-propelled Lawn Mower Buying Guide


Gas Powered Push Lawn Mowers



Type Price Rating

Husgvarna 7021p

Gas $$$ 3.9

Poulan Pro PR500N21SH

Gas  $$  4.4


Electric Lawn Mowers (Require Cord)



Type Price Rating
GreenWorks-25022 12-Electric-Lawn-Mower

GreenWorks 25022

Electric $$ 4.4

GreenWorks 25142

Electric $ 4.6

Black & Decker LM175

Electric $$ 4.3



Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers 



Type Price Rating
BlackDecker-SPCM1936-cordless-electric-lawn-mower  Black & Decker SPCM1936 Battery $$$$ 4.0
 WORX-WG782-battery-powered-lawn-mower WORX WG782 Battery  $$  4.0


Manual Push Reel Lawn Mowers  



Type Price Rating
Fiskars-Reel-Mower-6201  Fiskars Staysharp Max Reel 6201 Push $$ 4.1
 Great-States-204-14-push-real-mower Great States 204-14 Push  $  4.4

American Lawn Mower 1705

 Push  $ 4.3 

Scotts 2000-20 Push Reel Mower

Push $ 3.8


How To Choose A Lawn Mower?

When choosing a lawn mower you have to take into consideration what size lawn you have and what your physical abilities are.

Electric lawn mowers are great if you have a small level piece of land that you want to keep nice and trim.

Push gas powered lawn mowers have a lot more power but since they are powered by you, you want to use them for small to medium sized lawns that are mostly flat.

Lawn mowers with a larger wheel in back are made for terrain that's bumpy, lumpy and slopey. And mowers with all four small wheels are designed for level ground applications.

Self-propelled gas powered lawn mowers are the creme dela creme. This means that the lawn mower will pull you. With this type of lawn mower you are not going to get as fatigued as you would get with a mower that requires you to push it the whole time.

Choosing The Right Features

Next you have to look at the features like how easy will the mower be to start. Pull string mowers are great, but if you have back problems, arthritis, or other problems that can interfere with yanking pull strings, your best bet is to get an electric start mower.

How about the engine size, which one do you pick? Generally you want to match the engine size to the size of your lawn. If you have a small flat lawn of .30 acres or less, you can opt for the smaller engines. If you have a medium to large lawn, you should look into the larger engine lawn mowers. You don't want to bring a toothpick to a gun fight.

Lawn Mower Buying Guide Video

What About Lawn Mowing Safety Tips?

Cutting the grass is not the most dangerous job in the world, but if you're not careful, you can get seriously injured. Here are some safety tips worthy of your attention:

1. Don't wear skimpy shoes like sandals, Crocs, fake Crocs (Frocs). Sooner or later you are going to push your lawn mower over a rock, stick, kids toy, or neighbors tools and when you do, there's a chance that your lawn mower will launch that projectile at your toes, so wear boots or shoes with thick leather to protect your toes. You won't look as cool, but no one will ever call you three toe Joe.

2. Never Ever Ever stick your hand or foot anywhere near the lawn mower when it's on. Doing so can cause a serious injury.

3. Don't get too close to pets, bee's nests, or snakes with the lawn mower.

4. Eyewear and Ear Protection. A lot of guys don't do this, but I'm sure there's a certain amount of people every year that damage their hearing or eye sight due to mowing the lawn. If you don't want to wear saftey goggles, put on your sunglasses, it's better than nothing. And if you don't want to wear ear protection, put on some Dr. Dre Beats Headphones and jam to your favorite music, this will make cutting even a large lawn go by much quicker. I opt to fill my iPhone or Samsung Galaxy with audio books.



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