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Thomas Edison

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Everyone has a dream and at Simply Additions we are no different. Our dream is to improve the reputation of the remodeling industry and be the most innovative during the process. To achieve our dream we take proactive steps towards our goal each and every day.


It is true that our website grows significantly each year, mostly because more and more people realize that we are the only remodeling website that has the Quality, Passion, and Professionalism they are looking for. What also helps is that the State Attorney General & The Better Business Bureau gave us awards for our commitment and proven excellence to the industry.


How many remodeling websites provide honest pricing in plain sight for anyone to see? How many of them win awards for excelling in the industry? Most importantly how many do you currently trust?


Our mission is to make Simply Additions a well known and trusted brand all across America. With our hard work, passion, and absolute dedication, we know we will achieve our dream. But only because consumers like you support our goals. The fact is everyone deserves a reliable brand to trust when remodeling their home, and we are working hard everyday to make that happen.




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