Convert Two Car Garage Into a Room

Convert a two car garage into a roomOkay so you have a two car garage and you want to convert it to useable living space, right? Well we hope so, otherwise the search engine just gave you a bogus listing.

We designed this two car garage renovation to take full use of the standard 24’ by 24’ footprint of a two car garage and created a supersize master bedroom with lots windows and hardwood flooring. Take a closer look at the photo and observe just how much space is around that queen sized bed in the top center. It’s pretty obvious that with a 24’ x 24’ footprint, you can easily use that space to create a master suite, which means that not only do you get a large bedroom, but you also get a walk-in closet and a bathroom to match. 

Just think about the possibilities of renovating your 2 car garage and getting the additional room that you have been thinking about. The project is fairly simple to do, because the structure already exists. And Simply Additions is the master of making home additions simple by connecting homeowners with a list of 3 reputable addition builders in their local area. If you interested in your list of the top 3 professionals, simply fill out the form below or call toll free 855-Hire-Home to do it over the phone.

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