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Simply follow the advice specified from the categories on the left to experience for yourself, why we have been awarded for proving our dedication to proper consumer education in building and home improvement.

We are in the business of empowering homeowners with the same knowledge and tools only a highly experienced general contractor has.
Experienced GC's and Construction Managers rarely make mistakes, and now you can have that power yourself, without going through the growing pains they did to acquire it.

Simply Additions - We Make Construction Simple Because of Real World Experience, Not Just Books!

All of our content is written by individuals who have worked in the construction industry and proved their expertise by creating great work and maintaining excellent reputations. These guys and gals know how to spot problem areas and problem people. They share their useful insights collectively on Simply Additions, to empower you with the knowledge of an experienced construction manager. With their advice, you can tackle planning, budgeting, interviewing, and just about any situation that involves a jobsite. Get your project done on time, on budget, and with minimal effort.


There's a reason we have won tons of awards from The Better Business Bureau as well as other Consumer Advocacy Groups, like the State Attorney General, and the Department of Consumer Protections. The reason is that we want to stop contractor fraud, homeowner home improvement blunders, and misconceptions about remodeling and building.

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