Do-it-yourself Landscaping

If you would like your yard to look more like a garden and less like grass and weeds, you can use some fresh landscape ideas.

No one wants to have a yard that is the eyesore of the area.

There are many ways to improve your yard and make it a focal point in a positive way.

Landscaping design is creative work, but the actual work can be a task. If your yard slopes, it may be even more difficult. You'll need to focus on the task at hand, and plan it out ahead of time. In your mind, you can probably transform your sloping yard into a panoramic hillside. Don't be afraid to try new landscape ideas, if you have experience.

So, how do you change your eyesore into a lovely garden?

Do it yourself landscaping ideasFirst, you should design your lawn so that it is manageable and attractive. Weeds and rubbish need to be taken care of, before you can start the work of do it yourself landscaping. You may find some attractive plants or shrubs hiding under debris, that may be worth saving, especially if they are unusual for your area.

If you have problems with soil erosion in your yard, you will want to attend to that before you begin designing or planting. Protect the soil from erosion where you can, so that the nutrients that the plants need will be available in all parts of your lawn or garden. When you begin moving shrubs in, you'll have noticed that mulch can be helpful in maintaining your land's humidity.

While you design your do-it-yourself landscaping plans, bring in features that are interesting to you. They may also be interesting to others in your area. A retaining wall will be helpful if your lawn has a steep slope, to help protect the plants from having their nutrients washed away.

Before you start the actual planting, list the shrubs, plants and flowers that you may want to include in your do-it-yourself landscaping project. If some don't grow well in your area, or are prohibitively expensive, you may want to rule them out, and make other selections.

Your lawn should grab the attention of passersby, in a positive way. Be sure that the shrubs and flowers and trees you use are visible at a bit of a distance from your property.

In this way, people in the area will have a chance to enjoy the garden, too.

If your land was bare or barren before, it will be a pleasure to sketch out a garden, and plan what you would like planted there. Lay a few stepping stones, if you like, in case you or your family and friends may want to wander through your garden on pleasant days.

Using unusual plants, but ones that can also prosper in your area, will draw attention to your garden, and make it more enjoyable for you, too. Make the most of your imagination and creativity in your landscape ideas, and create an original design for your lawn. Get help if you need it, so that your garden will be the envy of the neighborhood, when it is done. 

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