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Those of us who lived a little, have learned that life can be filled with many unexpected challenges. It's during those times that our limits are tested and our character is developed. The Good News Newsletter was created to fuel you up on the things that make everyone shine, trust me you'll grow to love me and my newsletter or I'll give you your money back! Except of course the Good News is free, so simply click the unsubscribe link, and everyone else will benefit from what you'll be missing. Just kidding, but not really.


Each Good News Newsletter Features a Few Golden Nuggets That You'll Learn To Crave, We're Talking A Breaking Bad Type of Addiction Here! Just wait until you get the first edition...


  • Short Story, Big Impact: Think "Big Trouble in Little China", and picture a short story or two from me or a special someone who decided to share something that's the oppostie of boring with you. Each story will be handpicked to tickle your fancy, like a camel tickles you on a Hump Day Commercial.

        To share your opposite of boring story, email me up or post it on the Simply Additions Google + Page, you choose your own via. 


  • Guess What Else Is Included? A Valueable Home Improvement Tip! No boring this is how you hammer a nail tips from me people, because Number #1 I'm not boring, and Number #2 I'm a former general contractor with knowledge that every homeowner would kill for during any type of remodeling project. We're talking about saving moocho TIME, MONEY, and STRESS. I call these home improvement tips: THE GC EDGE. You don't have to wonder what someone from the General Contactor Secret Faternity does when they handle a project anymore, because you'll get initiated access to these tips via the Good News Newsletter. Hey, you could be tell people you're in a secret faternity! Rings are optional, but subscribing isn't. 


  • One Crazy Twerking Video Link or Two: Except there will be no Miley Cirus twerking in my video links, instead you'll find something either highly useful, entertaining, or inspiring. Yes the video where the twerking girl fell, broke a glass table and caught on fire was interesting, but so will my video picks. How do I know? Have you guessed any of the words that were going to come out of my mouth? Just pretend that I'm talking to you as I'm writing, otherwise that comment just sounds silly.


As you could see, you cannot afford to not become a subscriber!


Think of it as the same old boring newsletters you saw in the past and multiply it by the square root of infinty.  


First Edition Includes the shocking part, a mini biogrophy of what the heck happened in my life to make me the way I am. I gaurantee you would have never guessed any of these unusual facts about me, we are talking about Oprah big moments in my life. Protection Status for   2004 - 2024 All Rights Reserved Proven Helper, LLC ©

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