Detached Two Car Garage Addition Cost

Detached 2 Car Garage

Blueprint View of Two Car detached Garage Addition

Build That Two Car Garage You've Been Dreaming About!

The 3D rendering above for this two car garage addition does an excellent job of showing you how a home addition like this is constructed. Notice the picture on the upper right which shows the garage framing details. You can even visually spot the headers above the doorway and the garage bays.

This detached garage was estimated without any electrical work or windows. A slab on grade foundation was factored in for the estimated cost below. Use our Automated Contractor Locating Service by filling out the form below to find out who the most popular garage builders are in your local area.

2 Car Detached Garage Details

Size: 24' x 24'
Overhead Doors: 2
Entry Doors: 1

This 2 Car Detached Garage Is Estimated At $19.000

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