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Getting Ready To Convert Your Single Bay Garage Into Living Space

Most one car garages are 16' by 24', and if you do the math, that's 384 square feet of available space. Converting your garage into a bedroom or an office is pretty easy.

One of the first things that have to be done is the removal of the overhead door system. Once that is completed, a new exterior wall has to be framed along with any window or door openings that you will require. Also the cost below factors in the extension of your existing baseboard heating system. If you have a different HVAC setup, the cost below will be altered slightly. Those are the major components of the renovation, unless you plan on building a master suite, which will require plumbing for a bathroom and an up-flush toilet with an electric pump.

This package was designed for Scott and Cindy who own this charming Cape in Massachusetts. They contacted us for some ideas on cheap home additions that can help them add a much needed home office. We came up with this garage renovation that converts their existing garage into a spacious office / study. Take a look at the interior photo rendering to see just how much space is available.

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New Room (Den / Home Office)

Size: 16' x 24'
Flooring: Oak hardwood
Doors: 1 Six Panel
Windows: 6

This Single Bay Garage Conversion Is Estimated at $26,000

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