One Car Garage Addition Cost

1 Car Garage Addition Costs

floor plans for One Car Garage Addition

Blueprint of One Car Garage Addition

Building An Attached One Car Garage Addition

When you bought your house the garage might have not been on your necessity list of things to have, but now, a single bay garage sure does sound like a convenience that you could really use.

There are a variety of reasons why people like to have garages, but the most popular reason is to protect their favorite car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle from UV rays and bad weather.

Story About The Design Of This 1 Car Garage Plan

Laura W. bought herself a craftsman styled cape in a great neighborhood that her real-estate agent said was up and coming. Sure enough, years later Laura's house almost doubled in value and Laura bought herself a brand spanking new Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Laura said that the moment she pulled up to her house and realized that her fancy new toy was going to have to sleep outside, she knew that she had to solve this problem ASAP.

Laura took advantage of our last promotion "Request a Free Home Addition Design" and we designed the versatile one car garage seen here, and if you look really closely, you can see her Jeep Grand Cherokee already parked inside. With the estimated cost in hand and a list of the best garage builders in her area; courtesy of our Automated Contractor Locating Service, Laura had a brand new garage addition built in less than 4 weeks!

This garage is based on a slab on grade foundation.


1 Car Garage Addition Details

Size: 16' x 24'
Overhead Doors: 1
Entry Doors: 1
Windows: 1 double hung

This One Car Garage Addition Is Estimated At $18,000

Remember to use our Automated Contractor Locating Service like Laura did to find out which garage builders are worth calling for an estimate in your neck of the woods. Protection Status for   2004 - 2024 All Rights Reserved Proven Helper, LLC ©

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