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Building A Relaxing Experience With A Deck

It may sound strange but you really can build a relaxing experience by building a deck addition; think about it...

"Decks are amenities that almost every homeowner wants, because it's good for entertaining, relaxing, and just hanging out with your friends and family".

A deck technically adds square footage to your home because it gives you an outdoor space where you or your guests can sit around and do the things you enjoy doing. One of the most popular activities deck side is barbecuing.

This deck addition was designed with a built-in bench, white vinyl railings, and pressure treated lumber to withstand whatever mother nature throws at it. As most decks, this one was built on several concrete piers.

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Pressure-Treated Deck Details

Size: 16' x 20'
Flooring: Pressure-Treated
Railings: White Vinyl
Stairs: Built-in Pressure-Treated
Planters: Built-in

The Cost To Build This Deck Is Estimated At $8,000

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