Questions to Ask Contractors

Always Check References

Checking contractor references is something that most people do not take the time to do.

Trust us when we say that checking your contractors references is one of the most important things you can do!


  • Ask your contractor how long similar projects took to complete.
  • Ask about the variables of the other projects (size, complexity, etc)
  • Ask for the phone numbers of the people who had similar projects done, and confirm the information with them.


  • Ask to see pictures of previous projects.
  • Ask what happens if you are unhappy with their quality.
  • Ask to see another project if possible that can demonstrate the contractors ability to provide quality craftsmanship.

Contractor ChecklistContracts

  • Don't sign anything until you see all of your verbal plans in writing.
  • If you are building a home addition or a new home, the contract should include all the relevant details for the project. If items are left out, then the contractor doesn't have to deliver on any of the verbally agreed upon promises.
  • If you don't feel safe in signing the contract, bring it to a lawyer for inspection.


Have you ever driven by a house and wondered why a contractor built an addition so obviously out of touch with the style and flow of the existing home? Well we certainly have, ask to see photos of the transition areas from a home addition project. Better yet, ask for project addresses that you can visit yourself. 

Top Things To Do When Choosing a Contractor

  • Physically inspect past project sites.
  • Check references from past customers.
  • Ask about how many similar projects they have completed in the past.
  • Look for a solid detailed contract and make amendments if needed to clarify the terms of your verbal discussions.
  • Check their Better Business Bureau & Consumer Protections records.

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