Basement Home Theater Ideas

A Custom Home Theater  385 Sq.Ft.

home theater ideas

Convert 385 sq/ft of your basement into a Home Theater Room!

The average basement is the prefect location for a sensational home theater experience!

In the picture above you can see how we remodeled a 17' x 24' area of an unfinished basement into a glorious home theater.

Every basement is unqiue in shape and size, this estimated basement renovation gives you an idea of how much it would cost you to renovate your current basement or a portion of it into a striking home theater.

*Warning your family and friends will be hard to get rid of once they notice that they can enjoy wathcing blockbusting movies at your house!

Total Cost $21,448

What's included?

modular spec  Subfloor with moisture barrier
modular spec  Carpet flooring
modular spec  Sheetrock
modular spec  Electric baseboard heater
modular spec  Recessed Lighting
modular spec  Electrical (includes: standard home theater wiring)
modular spec  Interior painting
modular spec  Permits
modular spec  Framing
modular spec  Trim
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