Basement: New Bathroom Renovation

New Bathroom  70 Sq.Ft.

New Bathroom Basement Remodeling Plan

Convert a 10' x 7' area in your basement into a New Bathroom!

A lot of homes lack bathrooms, that is why a common renovation or home addition involves adding another bath. A popular place to add a bathroom is a basement, and there are several different ways you can go about building a bathroom in your basement.  

This fully estimated basement renovation gives you an idea of how much it will cost you to add a full bathroom with a corner shower. To get an accurate cost for your new bathroom with options and finish of your choice fill out the form below.

What's Included In This Basement Renovation: Subfloor with moisture barrier,  Upflush Basement Toilette, Light/vent combo unit, Tile flooring, Plumbing, Permits, Interior Painting, Framing, Trim, Doors and Electric baseboard heater.

Check out the Basement Bathroom Floor Plan Below

New Bathroom

Size: 10' x 7'
Shower: Corner unit
Sink: Pedestal sink and vanity with mirror
Doors: 1
Features: Privacy wall for toilet

This Basement Remodel Is Estimated At $15,000

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