Basement: Two Bedrooms One Bath

Two Bedrooms and a Bath  600 Sq.Ft.

Basement 2 bedrooms 1 bath project

Add 600 sq/ft of living space inside your basement!

Many people remodel their existing basements to include new living spaces. For this project we designed and estimated the total cost to add 2 new bedrooms and a common bathroom inside your existing basement.

This project will give you a great idea of how much it will cost to convert 600 square feet of your existing unfinished basement into some much needed space. Use this estimated renovation to plan the cost of your basement project and be sure to call us once you are ready to make it a reality!

Total Cost $44,207

What's included?

modular spec  Subfloor with moisture barrier
modular spec  Tub & shower combo unit
modular spec  Bathroom sink and vanity with mirror
modular spec  Upflush Basement Toilette
modular spec  Privacy wall between sink and toilette
modular spec  Tile flooring (Bathroom)
modular spec  Carpet flooring (Bedrooms and Hallway)
modular spec  Sheetrock
modular spec  Electric baseboard heaters
modular spec  Plumbing
modular spec  Electrical
modular spec  Interior painting
modular spec  Permits
modular spec  Framing
modular spec  Trim
modular spec  Doors
modular spec  Light/vent combo unit

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