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Q: How much does a typical home addition cost?

A: We have many prices and plans on our Home Addition Ideas Menu.

Q: Do you help consumers just with additions?

A: We are a full service home improvement website, helping consumers do everything with ease. 

Q: Do you handle complete home renovations?

A: Yes, we love to help people do complete renovations.

Q: Why are all of your packaged illustrations not actual photos?

A: We post actual photos on our Photo Gallery & on our Home Addition Stories. The addition packages have been rendered with our high end architectural software to show each consumer how much a project of that size and cope would cost.

Q: Do you do any commercial work?

A: Most of our work is residential, but we also do commercial work too.

Q: My property line is only 20 feet away from the back of my house; I want to build a two story addition onto my colonial, is this enough space to be accepted by my town?

A: All cities and towns have different zoning laws and policies. The best way to answer your question is to stop by your local building department and ask them what your setback limits are. Protection Status for   2004 - 2022 All Rights Reserved Proven Helper, LLC ©

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