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Simply click and browse your way through 50 of the most popular home addition ideas according to remodeling contractors & local building departments. When you're ready to move forward with a project, find a qualified contractor on here or Tweet, Instagram or Email your favorite ideas to your favorite contractors. 


Two Story Extension
Home Addition Building Guide
Add A Bathroom
Kitchen Extension
Sunroom Ideas
Adding Dormers
add a deck

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Home Addition Building Guide

An easy to follow cheat sheet to avoid typical first time addition building mistakes.

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Home Addition Articles

Buckets of popular room addition ideas, unconventional advice, and most importantly the advice only a general contractor could share with you to save you money and stress. 

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Home Addition Building Stories

Learn about the details of many home extension projects built in the lovely state of Connecticut. House transformations, homeowners purging on amenities, and people dialing up the remodel needle to Super Size Proportions: all found here

I still have customer projects I didn't post yet, expect more project write-ups this year!

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For a limited time you can send in your project related questions to be answered by a general contractor. The really good questions get posted so other people in similar situations could benefit from the advice. 

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Building Process Explanation

Simply Additions explains the design build process for Additions, New Homes, & Major Renovations.

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A General Contractor Reveals Secrets to Addition Building

I created these room addition plans to transform my general contractor experience into information people can use to make these complex renovations a lot simpler to research and eventually build. My mission is to simplify the process of building on to your house. There are a lot of scattered articles all across the internet, but many of them are written by webmasters and bloggers instead of actual contractors. I decided to give people access to the correct method of addition building as well as provide them with access to my archive of home addition plans, that I used to actually renovate people's houses in Connecticut. The room additions above are the most popular projects being built in America today. 

You could look elsewhere, but why would you get your remodeling advice from a writer or blogger?

Get your remodeling advice from a real general contractor and your wallet will thank you later!


Finding an Addition Builder is Easy

Many of you know that a general contractor's main job is to find, hire, and manager subcontractors. Basically I'm an expert when it comes to finding the right people to help me renovate houses. You don't have to pay me a dime, to get a list of contractors I personally would call for an estimate appointment. Simply fill out the form below, and you'll get an email with a list of contractors that I would give to my own family to call. It's that simple. No Account Creation, No Fee, No Hassle. Take that Angies List!




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Questions About Building A Home Addition

Contact me through Twitter or Google plus if you have any questions. I'm remodeling the website to make it easier to use and even more useful than it is today. The site already won many awards for consumer education from the Better Business bureau but I will make it even better, by listening to your suggestions through social media or email.


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