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Family Room Addition Plans and CostsWho doesn't want a cozy family room at their house? In my general contractor days, I built my share of family rooms for my customers, so I know the basics of what everyone desires in this popular room addition.Go ahead and browse my two favorite family room ideas. I always include the construction costs for every one of my room addition plans, so that you could easily factor it into your remodeling budget. Along with the building costs you will also find a 3D rendering of the family room design.


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Family Rooms are very similar to sunrooms aka four season rooms, because their basically four walls with HVAC connected so that you can use the room year round. If you don't see the size or characteristics of the family room idea your thinking of, try looking at our other room addition plans because they can help you ball park the building costs.


The following family room plans can help you with planning, designing your own, and the budgeting phase of your family room addition project.


The first plan is a 12' x 25' family room plan that features a lot of lighting and the perfect room layout for those of you who are looking to use this as a TV room as well. We call this the "Perfect Sized Family Room".


The second family room idea is based on a 18' x 18' footprint. This design is very spacious and highly popular.


Did you know that my Family Room Plans include construction costs? I love to make things nice and simple for my website visitors. Enjoy!

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300 sq/ft Family Room Addition Plans

324 sq/ft Family Room Addition Plans


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