The Perfect Sized Family Room

25' by 12' Family Room Plans


floor plan rendering of Perfect Sized Family Room Addition

Blueprint view of Perfect Sized Family Room Addition

When we designed this 25' x 12' Family Room Addition, we had in mind a room where you can relax on your favorite furniture and enjoy activities with a whole bunch of family members and friends.

If you click on our interior photo button above, you will see that we have plenty of seating and Netflix is already streaming on a 60" LED TV.

Our zoom into room layout button will show you the family room plans in greater detail. Notice how we furnished this room with two corner sectional sofas, and a love seat in the center facing the TV, for those nights when you just want to grab some popcorn and unwind with your favorite person or pet.

This family room was estimated with a crawl space foundation and the extension of HVAC ductwork for heating and cooling needs for this new space. If your existing home has baseboard heat or another system, the cost to build this family room will vary slightly.Overall the estimate below is a great figure to keep in mind for a house extension of similar size and detail.

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Family Room Addition Details

Size: 25' x 12'
Flooring: Solid Oak Flooring
Doors: (2) Double French Doors
Windows: 7 Double Hung

The Estimated Cost To Build This Family Room Addition is $30,000 



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