Family Room Ideas: 18' by 18' Addition

18' by 18' Family Room Addition Plans

3D floor plans of Family Room Addition

Blueprint view of Family Room Addition


Build This Stunning Family Room Addition

It's true that family room additions make great additions to any home, so don't hold back any longer to plan and build the perfect one for your family to enjoy.

We designed this particular house extension plan with Jim's bedroom addition styling queues in mind. Who's Jim? You can check out his complete project story here:Bedroom Addition Project Story

Make sure you check out the interior floor plan rendering, so that you can appreciate how big this addition really is. We always furnish our room addition plans, so that we can provide our website visitors with real perspective. In our 3D rendering for this handsome family room you will notice that there's plenty of room for two couches, two love seats, and several tables.

This family room addition was priced out with a crawl space foundation and the extension of baseboard heating from the existing system. If your current home has a different HVAC setup, the estimated cost to build, which is posted below will be slightly more or less depending on the details of your existing house.

Remember to take advantage of our contact us page, if you have any questions on building any type of house extension.

(See our construction costs below.)

Family Room Addition Details

Size: 18' x 18'
Flooring: Solid Oak Flooring
Doors: (2) Double French Doors
Windows: 9 Double Hung

Family Room Addition Is Estimated At $45,000 To Build


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