Second Floor Addition: Plans & Building Costs


Second Story Additions with Construction Costs

Second story addition plans and costs

A common renovation for people looking to add major living space onto their home is building a second story addition. These large add a level renovations transform single level ranch and cape homes into spacious two story colonials.  


I have designed several 2 story addition plans to help you get a good idea of how much an elaborate home renovation like this can cost you. In general adding pure living spaces, such as bedrooms and family rooms, is cheaper to construct  than adding rooms with plumbing, like bathrooms. So if you add a second floor with only bedrooms, it will be much cheaper than doing the same add a level renovation with bedrooms and a single bathroom.


What Do My Second Story Plans Include?

All of my addition designs include a 3D Interior Room Design and Floor plan. I make them to help people visualize what's possible and to help people understand the scope of the project. 

'give you a good idea of what can be done within the new spaces. 


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This website was developed as a tool to help homeowners plan, budget, and build a home addition with the same ease a general contractor would have. 


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1. Getting Real World Building Costs - There are over 40 pages of home addition estimates for today's most common house extension projects. Explore design ideas and real world cost estimates to get familiar with where your project cost should be. Doing this will help you eliminate the contractors who are trying to score your job and reap excessive profits. As a seasoned GC (general contractor), I have to admit that sometimes even good contractors overprice projects during times when they already have a full construction calendar. They do this because they don't need your business, but getting your business would be like winning a bonus for the year.   


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2. See What Others Have Gone Through - Building a home addition is not something every homeowner tackles and with that being said Jim's advice on his window replacement project will not prepare you for what's coming ahead for you. An addition build requires a lot of effort, time, patience, and money. Explore some of our favorite project stories to examine before and after photos and uncover little known details to help yourself better prepare for the road ahead. The end result will be fantastic and well worth it, if you follow our seasoned advice.


3. Learn Trade Secrets Only Retired Contractors Would Share - Some of the advice on our site is not exactly public domain. 

It's no secret that a general contractor would save a lot of cash and aggravation when building his own additions, so why not take advantage, millions of people already have! 



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