Add A Level Modular Addition

Modular Add A Level Addition 960 sq./ft.

floor plans for Add A Level Modular Addition

Blueprint view of Add A Level Modular Addition

Upgrade Your House With This 26' x 38' Modular Second Story Addition

Adding a second story onto your house has never been easier. Introducing a Modular Second Story Addition. We designed this plan with time savings in mind, so that you could get back to doing whatever it is you do.

Description of Modular Second Story Addition Construction

The existing roof will be completely removed and and the home will be prepped for the new addition. The existing air handler and duct work will be removed from the existing attic. The chimney will be cut down prior to installation of the modular addition. The new second story addition will be delivered in the form of two modules.Both modules will be hoisted into place using a crane. Once the modules have been placed into the correct position the existing chimney will be extended to protrude through the new roof. The new second story addition will overhang approximately 1' over the front and back of the existing house's lower level exterior walls. The A/C will be reinstalled in the new attic and new ductwork will be extended into both levels. The new staircase will be installed over the existing basement stairway. Once the addition has been set in place, all of the electrical and mechanical connections will be made in the basement. Flooring, trim, and drywall will be finished and the end result will be seamless. Check out the construction costs below.


Master Bedroom

Size: 21' x 12'
Walk-in Closet: 7' x 6'
Flooring: Carpet
Doors: 3
Windows: 4

Master Bathroom

Size: 10' x 6'
Flooring: Tile
Doors: 1
Windows: 1
Features: Tub & Shower Combo, Sink and Vanity, and 

Second Bedroom

Size: 16' x 13'
Closet: 2' x 7'
Flooring: Carpet
Doors: 3
Windows: 2

Third Bedroom

Size: 14' x 12'
Closet: 2' x 9'
Flooring: Carpet
Doors: 3
Windows: 3

Hall (Open Space)

Size: 5' x 13'
Closet: 3' x 2'
Flooring: Carpet
Doors: 4
Windows: 1

This Modular Second Story Addition Is Estimated at $98,000.

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