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Home Addition Budget Chart

Budget and Payment Planning Chart

 Description: Make the process of picking a remodeling budget simple.
 Price:  $1.99
 Shipping:  Free with instant download.


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Town hall preparation instructions

Town Hall Preparation Kit

 Description: Find out if your project is possible with one trip to the town hall. SAVE TIME by going prepared.
 Price:  $1.99
 Shipping:  Free with instant download.


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Ultimate Home Addition 5 Page Checklist

Ultimate Home Addition 5 Page Checklist

 Description: Make a true apples to apples comparison between contractors. Eliminate contractor guess work on estimates. This is a must for anyone considering a major renovation.
 Price:  $1.99
 Shipping:  Free with instant download.


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Complete 14 Page Home Addition Guide

Complete 14 Page Home Addition Guide

 Description: Includes all Forms, Checklists, and Charts above, plus more. This proven guide has everything you need to plan, compare estimates, and eliminate contractor errors.
 Price:  $19.99    ***Our Best Seller***
 Shipping:  Free with instant download.

home addition estimateHome Addition projects can be very complicated to estimate because there are many variables to consider. The omission of forgetting to assess your project properly Can Cost You Thousands Of Dollars in change order costs.
Download a Sample Home Addition Estimate

Simple Example : A contractor forgets to assess your electrical service capacity. Once you signed a contract for a specific cost and the contractor starts work, they can stop the job and ask you for the cost to perform a service upgrade on your electrical system, so that your home addition will have enough power to function properly. A service upgrade costs over $1,300 in most states. Would you like to prevent a $1,300 or more surprise cost?

This is only one of many items that can be and is routinely forgotten in these long elaborate estimates.The biggest problem is that a home addition project has so many things to consider that many times a contractor just plainly forgets and this is why homeowners get surprised with change order costs. With our guide we make the entire process simpler for you and the contractors that you will call. Just think about it, is $5 and 20 minutes worth saving $1,000 or more down the road? This is a No Brainer!

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What is the biggest problem a homeowner faces when they start planning for a home addition? 

The biggest problem is getting an exact quote from more than one contractor. Most people assume that by telling each contractor the same thing, the contractor will price out their project the same exact way the other guy did; however, this is never the case!

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Would you like to make a true apples to apples comparison between your contractor choices?
Our Ebooks make it easy to eliminate the guess work and ensure that every contractor will be quoting with the same variables. 

Every Ebook on this page can be purchased and downloaded immediately, so that you can start your smart planning today!

Most of our customers by the full Home Addition Building Guide for $4.99, because it includes all the charts, prep sheets, and checklists that you will need, once you are serious about building a home addition.

*Remember that by buying the full Home Addition Building Guide you get everyone of the packages below, plus you get a Bonus 3D Virtual Room Design Worksheet.

Simply Additions has completed many beautiful and complex home addition projects, and now that valuable information is available to you for a very low and amazing cost!!!  

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