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This website took countless hours of designing, coding, and writing content. All the efforts paid off, because our customers, love how easy we made it to research, plan, and build home additions, remodels, and modular homes. 

We took all the pain and hassle out of getting Remodeling Estimates, Design Ideas, and Finding a Local Home Improvement Contractor, who is reputable and experienced. We admit that the process wasn't rocket science, just common sense, time, and lots of patients. 

By providing vital consumer information to homeowners that was not readily available prior to our establishment, we have acquired many awards. Earning the respect of the Better Business Bureau, State Attorney General, and the Commissioner of Consumer Protections Department, gave wwwSimplyAdditions.com credibility and it made us popular.

"Well that is where it all started, today the website as you know is award winning in various categories and capable of connecting homeowners with professionals that know how to get the job done right. I look forward to improving this website, because it is a passion of mine to simplify, improve, and help people with the knowledge I acquired through my interesting collection of life experiences."
Best Wishes,
Voitek Lex Klimczyk

 Quick Bio: Voitek Lex Klimczyk

(Owner of www.SimplyAdditions.com)

  Voitek Lex Klimczyk
  • 22 years of experience with computer software, hardware, networking, and troubleshooting.
  • 12 years of Professional Experience working for large corporations: Siemens, Pfizer, & B/E Aerospace in these capacities: (Network Administrator, Computer Engineer)
  • 12 years of Personal Consulting experience for small and medium businesses doing network consulting, upgrades, and system troubleshooting.
  • 12 years of Small Business Management.
  • 7 years experience of Construction Building, Designing, and Planning.
  • 7 years of Business Marketing experience.
  • 7 years of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experience.
  • 7 years of Website Design experience.
  • 7 years of Link Building experience.
  • 2000 - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • 2000 - Microsoft Certified Professional +Internet
  • 1999 - Microsoft Certified Professional
  • 1999 - CompTIA A+ (2000)


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Voitek Lex Klimczyk 

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