Step 1: Initial Consultation with Simply Additions

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Step 1:   Initial Consultation

Appointment for a home addition estimate:

Initial Consultation with Simply AdditionsWhat to expect from your initial consultation with your contractor or design firm.

During the consultation you will be asked a series of questions to determine the feasibility of your project. The main topics of discussion will be: Design, Budget, Timeframe, and Feasibility. Your existing home will be carefully measured and analyzed to determine how well the home will accept your new addition. Once all of the necessary information is collected, they will go back to their headquarters and begin the estimate. A detailed estimate should leave no room for surprises, ask about the level of detail their estimates provide.

For example; the existing heating and air conditioning system should be analyzed to confirm whether or not it is capable of heating and cooling the newly added square footage, along with the existing house. If you do not see your contractor looking at these items, ask why not because it's highly unusual to build a home addition without carefully observing the existing HVAC and Electrical systems, If their answer to this question is not to your liking, you may want to call someone else for the estimate. Remember to use our Find A Contractor Service to get a list of contractors who are experienced in building additions and houses.

Appointment for new construction:

During the initial consultation, your home builder, architect, or design build firm will meet with you at our home or their office. You will be asked to bring your plans with you. If you do not have any completed plans, you will need to bring some concept photos, so the representative can get a good idea of the type of home you are interested in building. They will collect all of the necessary details needed to provide you with an accurate estimate.






Want a No Obligation Estimate?

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