2014 is an exciting year for and parent company Proven Helper, LLC

This year we launched the mother of all writing contests, but not to award prizes, we're doing it to award jobs!


There's no question about it, websites and blogs need content and for that content to be great, you need to hire great people. That’s where we are at and the floodgates have been forced open by a tremendous response from freelance writers, internet entrepreneurs, internet socialites, recent veterans, autistically gifted people, and tons of eager college students.


What we created is a Win/Win Solution to solve our need for amazing content and a creative writers need for a paying gig in this unfortunate economy.


 (January - February 2014) we  placed ads all over and found droves of capable people. The response has been absolutely amazing! The second we place a new ad, practically anywhere on the internet, we begin receiving emails and resumes from very interested applicants. Because of the response, we have created a nifty qualifying system that will allow us to pluck out the candidates that truly fit our needs.


Turns Out Social Media Is Not a Waste of Time

There’s good news for applicants who spend a lot of time on social media! Why? You’ll have to pour through the documentation below to learn the specifics, but let’s just say that maybe you didn’t waste your time hoarding subscribers, followers, and likes on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Pinterest accounts. There’s a way to harness your social activity and earn pay well above market rates for your writing, PLUS bonus pay that can exceed $1,000 per article!


POSITIONS ARE LIMITED so don’t take this opportunity lightly, only the best performers will be chosen for paid positions. 


Good Luck to All,

Voitek Lex Klimczyk

EMAIL:   careers AT

P.S. If you know of someone that would be good for this writing position, please use the social buttons below to let them know about it. It could be your one good deed for today.

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