Master Bath Suite Addition 17 by 8

17' by 8' Master Bathroom Addition Plans


floor plans for Master Bath Suite Addition

Blueprint view for Master Bath Suite Addition

We call this our "Master Bath Suite Addition" but our fans call this the "Sweet Master Bath Edition"!

When we planned this bathroom, we wanted to separate the water closet from the rest of the bathroom. What's a water closet? It's the fancy name for a toilet or ceramic waste disposal unit, if you want to be politically correct.

This great design features double vanity sinks, a towel shelf near the built-in soaking tub, and a great stand alone shower unit. Basically, this bathroom addition is designed to take up a small footprint but it packs a large spa factor.  

This house extension is based on a crawl space foundation and the extension of duct work from your existing HVAC system to accommodate this new bathroom.

Bottom line: Get a free estimate on this awesome master bathroom, by filling out things like where you live on the form below. We'll get you a list of contractors that know how to convert our online addition plans to your local prices. Before you know it, you'll be taking your first relaxing soak or soothing hot shower courteously of Simply Additions.

New Bathroom Addition Details

Size: 17' x 8'
Flooring: Bamboo Wood Flooring
Doors: (1) Double French Door
Features: Whirlpool Tub & Corner Shower, Double Sink & Vanities, & Private Water Closet.

The cost to stick build this Master Bath Addition varies depending on location. We estimate that it can cost $40,000 plus.


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