Adding A Bathroom: The Napoleon

Small Bathroom Addition Plans

floor plans for Napoleon Master Bath Addition

Blueprint view Napoleon Master Bath Addition

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Thinking of Adding A Bathroom? 

With The Napoleon Bathroom design I wanted to create the biggest bang for your dollar, by delivering large bathroom features for a small bathroom cost. 

Conquer your daily bathroom schedule by building The Napoleon Bathroom Addition. Sure the name and design might inspire you to day dream about taking over your neighborhood, but you will also get to relax your mind and body by taking a soak in the large whirlpool bathtub. Napoleon said that the best medicine is relaxation and keeping a clear mind; this bathroom design will allow you to do both. 

Some other great features I threw into the design are a shower-stall and a private area for the toilette. Down south they call it a water closet or commode, and some people call it the librarians corner. I even had customers request telephone lines nearby!


Small Bathroom with Big Amenities

What makes this bathroom addition so special is that it includes the all important double sink and vanity option, so it's perfect for married people and even more perfect for resale value. If you ever watched House Hunters, you know that people want double vanities. Just picture how awesome it will be to not have to wait for the other person to brush their teeth before it's your turn in front of the sink. By building this bathroom you are also going to build up your marriage because you'll be spending more quality time together before you hit the sack. Speaking of hitting the sack, how's your master bedroom situation, because I've got some killer bedroom ideas that will have you thinking that you moved into the Ritz Carlton Hotel. 

New Bathroom Details

Size: 10' x 10'

Flooring: ceramic tile of your choice

Doors: (1) interior door  (1) glass door

Features: Whirlpool tub & Corner Shower, Double Sink & Vanities, & Private Water Closet.

Expect to pay around $35,000  for a Bathroom Addition similar to this one


Bulletproof Your Bathroom Project

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It Get's Better

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