Top 3 Most Profitable Cape Additions and Why

Performing a cape addition is a great way to increase value of your home.

With sufficient preparation, planning and research a cape addition can easily become a successful project. The following 3 ideas are sure bets in profitable cape remodeling.

By incorporating features which meet your family's needs and desires you will not only increase the monetary value, but the sentimental value in it as well.

Constructing an add-on onto your cape house is a wise investment; doing so will allow the home to meet the growing needs of the family without relocating. Building an addition increases the usability of kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining areas and dens, however it can be difficult to decide how and what to add. If you are interested in making an addition to your cape home, consider these three most profitable additions:

Profitable Cape Additions#3) Kitchen Extensions

Most people overlook the importance of a kitchen extension when creating more space. While it is important to keep the original design of your home in mind meeting with an architect will help you modernize your home by extending the kitchen in order to provide a more efficient and spacious kitchen which functions better, and in turn this home extension will significantly improve the value of the home. 

Your cape addition should be scaled properly and transition nicely into the rest of the house. Kitchen extensions may include extra storage and cupboard space, an island, or an open kitchen concept. You will likely need a designer to help with the kitchen extension, as well as an engineer or architect in an effort to determine the load supporting capacity of the original/existing structure.

#2) Bathroom Additions

For growing families additional bathrooms is a must have. Therefore adding a bathroom to your new addition will not only increase the functionality of it for your family, it will also increase the home's value as well. In addition, it is much easier to sell a home with 2 bathrooms than a home with only one bathroom.

#1) Additional Rooms

Adding additional rooms to your home will increase the profit when it comes time to sell, especially if you currently only have one or two bedrooms. Most families require a minimum of three bedrooms, and additional bedrooms are often used as a study, library, and office or hobby space. People are very willing to pay more money for more bedrooms; therefore this is the most profitable cape addition.

Other important aspects to consider are the cost to build, and other financial decisions. In general add-ons typically cost between $75 to over $150 dollars per square foot. The type of addition you need or want will determine the type and cost of material as well. Be aware that approximately 40% of the cost will be in labor. Generally, most projects can expect the total fee from the architect as well as the general contractor to be about 10% of the budget. Many people forget to consider other financial aspects of additions, such as increased water and utility bills, as well as taxes. Also, having more space equals increased heating and cooling costs, as well as more windows to wash and more space to clean and therefore more money in products.

In most cases it is less expensive to add on to your existing home than it is to purchase a new home which has the same amount of space plus the amount of the add on. Therefore performing an add on may be the best option for you and your family.

Regardless of whether you are building an add-on, moving structural pieces or remodeling the whole house, ensure you perform proper planning and preparation before making any final decisions. If you hire a contractor, ensure they are fully licensed and certified and have sufficient experience in the field.

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