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House Designer & Architect is looking to connect with talented architects and house designers that already use Chief Architect or sister software products for house designing. Learn why! is a website niched in home remodeling, design, and project estimation.

Our goal is to provide 1000's of remodeling and new construction plans for our website visitors.

We were the first website that featured detailed home addition designs with estimated construction costs. We won many awards from the Better Business Bureau for Consumer Education because of it, and now we want to give our website audience more, a whole lot more!

We are looking to greatly expand our portfolio of home addition plans, basement remodeling plans, home plans, and loft remodeling ideas. Although we already stock dozens of remodeling and building plans online for homeowners to browse through during their research phase, we want to give them the ability to lookup practically any popular remodeling idea directly on the site. Our goal is for homeowners to utilize as a one stop shop for remodeling research, design ideas, and even finding the right contractor and architect to work with.


So how does our goal translate into free advertising for architects and house designers? The answer is pretty simple, we have developed a fantastic Win/Win Program that will enable us to achieve our goal while helping partnered architects and house designers meet their business goals.These architects and house designers will simply send us a few pictures of plans they already have, in exchange for advertising on our popular award winning site.



There are three levels of entry into our referral program and each entry has its own criteria. The last two levels are for architects and house designers who have already proven themselves compatible with our site, so we will not discuss that here. Instead we will discuss the entry level program into our brand new Win/Win Program designed for architects and house designers who are looking to acquire more business and brand awareness.


Criteria to become a new published designer on

1. You must own, or have access to software such as Chief Architect or similar software product that is capable of producing detailed renderings of house designs; interior and exterior. We prefer Chief Architect, but you can submit your proposal raytraced with the software of your choice for evaluation.

2. Each house designer or residential architect must submit at minimum at least one house plan with exterior and interior renderings. Not sure what level of detail you should submit? Simply check out our latest ranch house plan to examine what we're looking for.

3. One of the most important factors is that the design you submit is yours. This means that the design is owned by you and not seen anywhere else on the internet.


How to Submit Your House Designs for Evaluation

Please visit our contact us page and email the Webmaster or Voitek Klimczyk the following:

1. Interior Rendering of a Floor Overview. Please set your raytracing properties to Medium Quality and Normal Anti-aliasing. You can also set your settings for higher quality; this is recommended for exterior renderings, because it's the main photo featured on our package pages.

2. Interior Rendering of a Single but Not Empty Room. No one wants to look at a blank room, show some creativity. For ideas look at our range of home addition plans as well as new construction plans to see how much or how little detail you can get away with.

3. Full Overview of the House Exterior. Add details such as plants, landscaping, or other exterior features to make the exterior photo look realistic. You can browse through our house plans to figure out what level of detail we think is appropriate.

That's it, we're looking for roughly 3 high quality JPEG's that look like they would fit in perfectly into our current online portfolio of house and remodeling plans for homeowners to browse through.


What's Next?

We'll evaluate your skill based on your submissions and get back to you. We will let you know whether we like your house designs, require a revision, or simply think this is not a good fit between us.


What are the possibilities for this free advertising opportunity between you and

There are several  attractive opportunities for the house designers and residential architects who we feel are a good fit for this Win/Win Partnership Program. You may be applicable for One, Two, or possibly all of them depending on your throughput and tenure in this partnership program.


1. Your designs will feature a watermark with your website address on our established award winning website. A website link is also possible for tenured partners.


2. You will be forwarded design projects that come in through our website, so that you have the opportunity to convert the design lead into paying customers. Remember these people are already attracted to the designs on our website, so the only thing you have to do is sell them on your design costs. If the lead expresses concerns with your ability, we will forward the lead to another house designer or architect.


3. Get a high performance design computer custom built by geeks who know the winning computer hardware recipe for running Chief Architect at its fastest speed.   Currently our designers are using Intel machines running at 4.4 GHZ!


BONUS: Depending on the success level of the partnership between us, we may offer you surprise bonuses, compensation, and possibly a full time position at The full-time position is a work at home opportunity where you can make your own hours!


Have questions about this Win/Win House Designer Partnership? Visit our Contact Us Page Now!


The MATH Behind This Win/Win Partnership Program will get unique house plans to show off to our growing user base.  The partnered designers and architects will get free advertising through watermarks, lead referrals, and possibly a high performance design computer. If our partnership prospers, we might even offer you a full-time work from home position.

We know house designers and architects draw up plans often and chances are that you already have many plans already on your hard drive that you can submit to Today! Submit your proposal and you can instantly start benefiting from this partnership. Please keep in mind that these designs have to be unique and that by entering into this agreement, you are responsible for any copyright issues associated with the designs you submit; so please send in original materials only.



By agreeing to the terms on this page and submitting your designs to, you agree that you are the sole owner of the original designs and that you have the complete rights to them. You also agree that will not be responsible for any copyright issues associated with your designs. We will forward any copyright issues immediately to you and we will pull your designs from our site. Violators of any copyright laws will have their membership in this program permanently revoked.

Get Started Today! it's not that hard and you probably already have house designs that you can submit as originals for this Win/Win Partnership Program.

Who \Is This Opportunity Well Suited For?
  • Students
  • Architects
  • House Designers

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