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Our Home Addition Building Guide Ebook was created to save homeowners and professional contractors from making costly errors in home addition estimates and home addition building.  (Revised March 2012)

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This guide will help you plan out your home addition and its components, so that you avoid delays, cost overages, and the most common disappointments.  In other words, follow this guide to dummy proof your project even for the most elite construction firm.

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What promised benefits will you receive by using this guide?


Overcome common real world problems that are documented by multiple trade publications.

Eliminate contractor guess work.

A missed question by the contractor during the estimate, can lead to wrong assumptions and unwanted results during the project.

Eliminate large pricing variations between contractors.

Not everyone thinks alike and prepares the same, which is why contractor estimates vary so much on these complex projects.

A faster turn-around time with your estimate.

Even the unorganized work quicker when all of the details of a large and complex project are staring them in the face, in an organized fashion.

Plan room sizes that fit your needs and furniture.

Just because someone can build an addition, it does not mean they are going to build it to the dimensions that will work for you.

Eliminate costly change orders.

Having a proper project assessment is the key to eliminating change orders, overages, and delays.

A faster turn-around time in construction.

The better you plan, the easier a project becomes. Leaving things in the air for later considerations only means delays and scheduling problems for large projects.

 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Complete home addition checklist.

We sell this exact checklist separately but it is included as a bonus offer here!

Budget planning chart and guide.

Another valuable asset to help you with your home addition project.

Town hall preparation guide.

Not everyone knows what to do at the Town Hall, this will guide you.

Plot plan guide.

Go prepared to the Building Department armed with the information you need in order to find out if your project is possible.

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Home Addition Building GuideOnly $24.99


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Please read our How To Hire a Contractor Guide , it is truly one of the best guides on the internet, and it can save you even more money and trouble! Did we mention it was 100% Free?     

Addition projects can be very complicated to estimate and the omission of forgetting to assess your project properly can cost YOU the customer or the contractor (If they are nice enough) thousands of dollars in change order costs.

One example is if a contractor forgets to assess your current home electrical service capacity. Once you signed a contract for a specific cost and the contractor starts work, they can stop the job and ask you for the cost to perform a service upgrade on your electrical system, so that your home addition will have enough power to function properly. A service upgrade can cost 2,000.

This is only one of many items that can be and is routinely forgotten in these complicated estimates.

By downloading our guide and filling out the simple forms, you will eliminate 99% of all change orders that can occur!

Remember this guide was prepared by industry leaders in home addition building, with multiple awards for Consumer Education from the Better Business Bureau and even the State Attorney General of Connecticut. This guide is relevant for all 50 states.

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