Plans and Material Lists

$9.99 Plans, What�s Included?

1. Material List (Based on our website package.)

2. Builder Instructions (Notes for the builder to follow.)

3. Specifications (Floor plans and cross sections.)

4. Our Proven Complete Home Addition Checklist (Bonus Item)


Downloading the Plans and Materials List is Just Like Downloading Ebooks from our Website.  

Watch this video to see the process. Your download of the plans will work by using the same steps illustrated in the video.

How Most People Use Our Plans:

The plans that you will download today, will give you the ability to get true price comparisons from several contractors. Print several copies of the plans with material lists, and have 3 or more contractors price out the addition based on the information on the plans. Using this method you will be able to get a true price comparison between the contractors that you consider.

Getting Exact Plans for Your Project:

To get the plans ready for the construction, an architect or contractor (depending on the laws in your state) must take exact measurements of your existing home and modify the plans. Having this set of building plans already, will dramatically reduce design fees.

Because all of the contractors are using the exact same plans and specifications, you will get their individual prices all based on the same plans and specifications. This means that you will not have to deal with multiple contractors giving you estimates based on their own unique idea of what the project should be. Instead you can actually compare prices from all of the different contractors based on the same plans and specifications which will result in a true cost comparison between the contractors. This is the only way to know which contractor has the best price. Once you know which one is going to have the most competitive estimate, you can review the plans in further detail with the contractor you select, and begin to customize these plans to fit you individual needs.

How Are The Plans Delivered?

You will Instantly download the plans after your payment is processed through Paypal, watch the video to see how it's done.

Want a No Obligation Estimate?

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