Modular Home Additions

Modular Additions

It is a Fact that Simply Additions is already famous for being an expert traditional addition builder, but now for the first time, we offer modular home additions too!

On May 20th 2009 Simply Additions formed a partnership with Westchester Modular Homes Inc..The partnership gives Simply Additions exclusive rights to build Modular Homes and Modular Additions in Connecticut.

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What Are The Most Popular Modular Home Additions ?

The most popular modular additions are "Add a Level" or single story to two story conversion additions. Westchester Modular refers to these additions as "Roof Raisers", we call them "Second Story Additions".


Are There Any Benefits in Building A Modular Second Story Addition?

Yes, there are 2 Major Benefits:

1. Speed - As seen in the pictures on the right, a modular addition can be setup on your property in 3 days!
An entire second story modular addition project only takes 1 month. Our traditional Second Story Additions take about 2 1/2 months to complete, the time savings with modular second story additions are simply amazing!
2. Improved Quality - Modular additions are built with 20% more lumber during the framing stage when compared to a traditional stick-built addition.

Why Modular? 




Modular additions allow us to build your second floor addition in 30 days or less. The actual addition is built in a controlled factory setting with the latest in technological advancements to allow for a superb level of quality. All of our modular additions are built by Westchester Modular Homes inc. Westchester is an employee owned company. Because of the ownership stake that the employees have in the company, the additions are built to the highest standard of quality and rigidity. After all, the success of the company depends on what the owners are willing to put into it. Every addition that Westchester builds has to follow a rigorous set of performance standards and routine quality audits. An addition built in a controlled factory setting will always exhibit a higher standard of quality compared to a site built addition. These additions are not only more square, level, and plumb; but they are also built with more structural reinforcements to withstand the pressure of being transported to your site. With that said you should be confident that your addition will last you a lifetime. All scrap material from the construction of your modular addition is reused or recycled by Westchester Modular Homes. Because of the factory setting Westchester Modular Homes can ensure that each addition is built with a tight building enclosure to eliminate excessive air leakage. A tight building enclosure allows for a high level of human comfort and increased energy savings.

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How To Get Started?

Not every home qualifies for a Modular Home Addition, so the first step is to Contact Us.

Remember that Simply Additions is truly the of Home Additions, we guide our customers to make the right choices in building any type of home addition modular or not. 

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