12 by 16 Sunroom Addition Plans


Four Seasons Sunroom Addition

floor plans of 12 by 16 Sunroom Addition

Blueprint view of 12 by 16 Sunroom Addition

This Four Seasons Sunroom Addition Is The One To Build

When you are ready to build a sunroom addition, look no further than this design right here. We outfitted this house extension plan with seven massive windows, and two glass French doors, so that the outside practically moves into your house.

We came up with this design for Sarah and James of Norfolk Virginia. We helped them with a few different design ideas for their sunroom. You can see their house in the before picture in the upper left corner.

Can you imagine the furniture you would like to put inside this four seasons sunroom once the last contractor leaves your house? Sure you can put some couches, a love seat, or maybe go the wicker route. The choice is yours. Remember to use our Automated Contractor Locating Service to simplify the process of finding reputable contractors to call for an estimate. Just fill out the form below; it's that simple!

This sunroom was factored with the extension of a baseboard heating system to make this a true four seasons room. A crawl space foundation was also factored for this build.

New Sunroom Details

Size: 12' x 16'
Flooring: Oak hardwood
Doors: Double French Doors
Windows: 7



This Sunroom Addition Is Estimated at $30,000

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