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Build This Dreamy Sunroom Addition And Take Advantage Of Life

When you build a sunroom addition this big,it gives you the opportunity to cash in on maximum resale value in the future. This particular design is one of our favorite home extension plans. We like it because the outside rendering came out really well and the interior 3D rendering is also beautiful.


This ultra-spacious sunroom features 9 massive windows with tempered glass, so that the windows themselves can be almost as large as the ceiling height in the room.


In addition to the huge windows, you also have a gorgeous double French door which completes this well designed sunroom. The flooring for this sunroom plan was chosen to be tile and if you look at the interior rendering you will notice two love seats, one rocking chair, one chaise lounge, one recliner, two end tables, one ottoman, and an electric guitar. The only reason we mentioned all the furniture in the room is because we want you to really notice how much more stuff you could put into this sun room addition.


This large sunroom was factored with the extension of HVAC ductwork, which would run underneath in the crawl space foundation. All these factors are in the estimated cost to build below.

New Sunroom Details

Size: 20' x 18'

Flooring: Ceramic Tile

Doors: Double French Doors

Windows: 9 Large Double Hung

This Ultra Luxury Sunroom Addition Is Estimated At $38,000

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